Here's Phido!
~ Phido's catchphrase.

Phido (also called Phido the Vulture) is a supporting antagonist in the 1993 animated fantasy film The Thief and the Cobbler. He is a vulture who served as the pet to the evil wizard Zigzag.

In the Miramax version, he was voiced by Eric Bogosian. However, in the original version and Calvert versions, he was voiced by the late Donald Pleasence, who also played Ernst Stavro Blofeld in You Live Only Twice.


Phido appeared to be extremely dependable, steadfast and loyal to Zigzag as he seemingly tagged in the latter's plot to marry Princess Yum-Yum. However, it turns out that Phido actually hated Zigzag as the latter was so vituperative, unpleasant, and abusive, and hardly fed him, even snickering when King Mighty One-Eye attempted to have Zigzag fed to some alligators. He even took the opportunity to get some payback by helping the alligators devour Zigzag alive following the deaths of Mighty One-Eye and his dangerous army of One-Eyes.


Phido is a big black vulture with yellow eyes, a white beak with a red tip, gold feet, a gray belly, lavender eyelids, and a small red hat. His last scene in the movie implies that he has a strange ability to grow large mouth twice his size full of razor-sharp teeth


Throughout the film, Phido is abused and neglected by Zigzag, barely being fed by the sorcerer, who later allied himself with Mighty One-Eye and his army to take over the Golden City. In the end following the deaths of King Mighty One-Eye and his men, Phido is able to grasp his freedom by joining a bunch of crocodiles in a pit to get back at Zigzag, who he once considered to be his best friend before being eaten alive. He then eats Zigzag's head off.



  • He was voiced by the late Donald Pleasence, in both the original and Allied Filmmakers versions of the film, and also by Eric Bogosian in the Miramax version of the film. Donald Pleasence's voice was originally squawks and Eric Bogosian speaks full words.
  • Not surprisingly, Phido is similar to Iago in Disney's Aladdin: they are birds who serve as the pet sidekicks to their masters, but eventually turn against them and kill them. Iago kicks his master’s genie lamp into boiling lava in order to save his fellow heroes, whereas Phido eats his master alive for no apparent reason other than being hungry.


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