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And that's why I worship Satan. Ha ha ha! Kidding! ... I'd love to make a hammock out of your skin.
~ Phil

Phil is a recurring villain from the Comedy Central animated series, Brickleberry. He is a happy-go-lucky devil-worshipping psychopathic murderer, who goes around killing people. He acts very kind and friendly at first but when people get to know him, they learn about what a horrible man he is. He is villainous for murdering his whole family and playing with their severed heads as though they were still alive.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


In "My Way or the Highway", Steve was hitchhiking and needed to go across the street. Phil pulled up in his car and picked him up. However, before going across the street, Phil took a quick stop by his parents' house, where he murdered them in cold blood and then went back to the car. Steve was terrified and tried to escape but he couldn't open the door because it was locked. Then Phil had the idea to go to his sister's house and pay her a little visit.

Phil had been driving the car all night and still hadn't taken Steve across the street. Phil detailed an extremely bizarre story about how in 2006, he murdered a bunch of people because Pluto stopped being a planet and he was angry about then. Phil then took out his sister's severed head and started making it talk. He made his sister say that Pluto was no longer a planet and then he got mad at the head and beat it up. Steve had enough of this terrifying torture and finally broke out of the car, only to wind up right where he was originally standing, when he was hitchhiking in the first place.

Phil went into Steve's cabin and played Uno with him and the severed heads of his family. Steve was getting sick of playing Uno, as the game had been going on for 6 days but knew that if he tried to escape, he would get brutally slaughtered by Phil. Luckily for him, a wrecking ball, ordered in by Woody smashed through the cabin and painfully slammed Steve out of there. Steve was safe at last but he was also painfully hurt.

In "Little Boy Malloy", Ethel went on a series of bad dates. One of her dates was with Phil, who told the story of how he started worshipping Satan. Phil laughed and then claimed to just be joking but then he said with all seriousness that he wanted to flay Ethel's face and use her flesh as a hammock. Obviously, Ethel did not go out with him again.


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