Phil Bedard is the main antagonist of the monk episode Mr monk meets the Godfather. 


Phil Bedard was employed at the US mint what exact profession he had was unknown. He stole five double headed pennies worth 1 million euro altogether but he ran into some problems when mint security followed him. Panicked he hid inside a Barber Shop (which was a front for the mafia) and hid those pennies inside the gumball machine. He came back the next day to retrieve the pennies but as he was about to take the gumball machine a customer pointed a gun at him and told him to get out of the shop. Determined not to lose his pennies and shoot the customer to death along with everyone in the shop. One dead person for every penny he stole. He then took the gumball machine,  broke open a window and feld with the machine. He then tries to misdirect monk by claiming that he saw the Chinese gang enter the shop. 


After monk revists the crime scene he realises what happened and meets phill at the park. Phil confesses to the crime but monk didn't record the confession because monk ironed the tie that had the recording chip inside it. Convicting Phil now seems impossible until he runs to the police car confessing the crime. A camera pan reveals two mobsters waving to the police. 

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