Phil Ken Sebben

Phil Ken Sebben appeared as an anti hero in Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law taking the role of Harvey's boss. Sometimes he's helpful and sometimes he's not. Other times he appears to be a traitor and was once charged for driving dangerously and running over pedestrians day after day. However,later he is declared innocent but only because of Harvey's skills at the tribunal and the fact that judge Mentor the Mindtaker apparently didn't really care about the case.

In another episode he shows signs of insanity and paranoia and abuses his employees by installing cameras on every corner of the building (even the restrooms) and constantly spying on them and reading their e-mails. Phil once gave Harvey's title to Blue Falcon and Dyno-Mutt. He once tried to marry his own daughter's secret alter-ego Birdgirl; although to be fair to him he was unaware of her real identity and too gullible to accept it even when Harvey told him that (he assumed Harvey was lying).