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~ Simmonds to Toyah before raping her.

Phil Simmonds is a fictional character and pivotal antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He served as a major antagonist from 2000 and 2002.

In his duration of the show, Simmons had befriended local resident Toyah Battersby in the build-up to a controversial storyline where Toyah is brutally raped by an unknown assailant in April 2001; it is later revealed that Simmonds was the person who raped Toyah, and he ends up getting arrested before being jailed for his crimes.

He was portrayed by Jack Deam.


Phil Simmonds moved into Weatherfield in 2000. He promptly got on bad terms with pub landlord Duggie Ferguson and was kicked out of the latter's pub, The Rovers Return Inn public house.

The news of Simmonds' eviction shocked local resident Toyah Battersby, who took pity on Simmonds and together they issued a court case against Duggie for his actions. But the court ruled in favor of Duggie and it was at this point where Toyah began to examine Simmonds' deranged character. This would prove significant in 2001 when Simmonds reacquaints himself with Toyah and finds her in good terms with Duggie once more. He confronts Toyah about it. She then tries to leave, but Simmonds stops her and he ends up raping her in the incident between them.

The follow-up of Toyah's rape saw her being comforted by her stepfather Les Battersby and fellow neighbour Jason Grimshaw. It later became to Toyah that while she had indeed been raped as she feared she would, she had no idea who her rapist was - thus not being aware that Simmonds was the culprit. Simmonds would proceed to deceive Toyah by forging a relationship with her whilst eluding himself as the person who raped her that night. He later went on to implicate Toyah's estranged neighbour, Peter Barlow, as the culprit when he gets himself arrested for refusing to collaborate with the police investigation.

By then, Toyah began to trust Simmonds and their relationship continued to go on for a while. However, when Toyah and Simmonds met again, she slowly began to recognize his voice from the night she got violated and finally came to realize that Simmonds was her rapist all along. She confronts him about it and attempts to flee, but Simmonds stops her from calling help; however, Peter discovers the situation and comes to Toyah's rescue. Simmonds was then arrested for Toyah's rape after DNA tests match his blood that was part of evidence in the police investigation onto the crime scene. Nethertheless, Simmonds denied the rape charges - but he ends up getting convicted to a lengthy prison sentence anyways.

In May 2002, Simmonds is visited by Toyah once more when she decides to get the truth out of him. He is shocked to learn from her that Duggie has died from a fatal bannister accident, although in reality he was left for dead by his villainous business partner Richard Hillman. When the subject of Toyah's rape is brought up again, Simmonds eventually admits to raping Toyah and asks for her forgiveness. Toyah, however, responds that she'll never forgive him for what he did to her; she then leaves the prison, and in doing so Simmonds is left to spend the rest of his life in prison for raping her.


  • He made a total of 11 appearances throughout his time on the show.