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We're gonna survive this thing, and we're gonna do it by being bigger monsters than they are! You understand? There ain't no rules anymore! There's only us and them, and all they wanna do is eat our ass! So we're gonna fucking eat them! We're gonna chew 'em up and spit 'em out, and we're gonna survive this thing or I will blow a hole in this whole fucked-up world! You follow me? You FOLLOW ME?!
~ Philip ensuring his brother Brian.

Philip Blake is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Brian Blake) and the main antagonist of the novel series The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. He is the leader of a small group with his brother Brian Blake, his daughter Penny Blake, and his friends Bobby and Nick. He is very protective of his loved ones and causes him to go through his insanity.



Philip was presumably born in Burke County, Georgia, and attended high school with his best friends, Bobby Marsh and Nick Parsons. Back then, he was known to love new Years, drinking, eating pork, and getting laid. He later married a woman named Sarah and a child with her, Penny. After she died in a traffic accident, Philip became a single parent and would get drunk. After his wife's death, he worked in a muffler shop and rove a freight-liner. When the outbreak started, Philip took Penny and two of his friends to find a safe place.


When the apocalypse began, Philip, his brother Brian, his daughter, and his two friends left town and found shelter in Wiltshire Estates, an upper lass gated golfing community. After Bobby got bit and died of blood loss, the group left with weapons and supplies loaded up into Philip's car. Before leaving, Brian left a sign at the entrance of the town that said: "ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER."

The group made their way to Atlanta and found a safe place within the Chalmers family in their apartment, living on the first floor. The group assisted them in the upper levels of the building and finding food and supplies from nearby stores. When Philip got into a relationship with April, he took it too far. As they were having sex, April told Philip to stop and that is too soon but rapes her. He immediately stops and realizes what he has done. But then his delusionally thinks that he still could salvage their relationship. However, the next morning, the group's weapons were gone. Tara, at gunpoint, tells Philip and his group to leave.

On their way, they sheltered themselves in an abandoned old plantation house and had food to last them through the winter. Brian suspected they were followed by someone, which was confirmed when an armed drug-addled gang planned to take over the house for themselves. While trying to make a deal with the leader, he soon realizes that they planned to kill him and his group as soon as they walk out of the house. As the gang sprinted around the house, Philip tells Brian to hide with Penny and keep her safe at all costs. After Philip and Nick took out several members of the gang, one slipped past them and shot Penny, killing her in the process. Once the shooter was about to kill Brian, Philip arrived and kill him and mercilessly injures Brian for failing to keep his daughter safe. As he couldn't bring himself to put down his own daughter, he kept her tied to a tree, and two of the members of the gang Sonny and Cher, as prisoners in a barn, torturing them and raping Cher for days. Nick discovers the prisoners and mercy killed them.

While on the road, the group came across Woodbury and stayed in an apartment. But Philip sneaks Peny into the apartment and feed her appendages from the bodies that he claimed he didn't kill. One night. Nick sees Philip dragging a girl into the woods and plans on raping her. Nick gets his shotgun and tries to convince Philip from doing the act. Nick shoots Philip in the back, killing him in the process, but accidentally kills the girl that Philip kidnap. Unfortunately, Nick is killed by Brian.

After Brian encouraged the residents of Woodbury to fight back against the National Gaurd soldiers who were terrorizing them, a man named Martinez asked Brian who was he, to which Brian says that his name was "Philip Blake".


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