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Stop it, Mr. Wang. Let me do it.
~ Philip Eberfroe before he kills Quang.

Philip Eberfroe is the main antagonist of the 2018 Danish animated movie Checkered Ninja. He is the owner of a toy company in Thailand and Mr. Wang's right hand.

He was voiced by Anders Matthesen in the original Danish version who also voiced Gunnar and by Brendan McDonald in English


Checkered Ninja

At the beginning of the movie, he is at his new toy factory. After a boy named Quang makes a ninja doll wrong, he beats him to death. After lightning strikes, the doll comes to life, and follows Eberfroe to Denmark, where the doll is picked up by Stewart Stardust, and given to Stewart's nephew Aske.

Later in the movie, Aske and the doll, turns up at Eberfroe's house, and tries to kill him, but he survives. Eberfroe then goes back on a business trip to the factory, but at the airport, Aske sends the doll away, who then jumps at Eberfroe with some cocaine. Eberfroe is then arrested after returning to Thailand.

Checkered Ninja 2

The movie begins with him in prison talking to her henchmen on the phone, saying that he already get the doll. As also murdering Mr. Wang, he later left prison saying that nobody will stop him


Philip is a tall and slim middle-aged man with blonde hair stylized in a topknot. He has blue eyes, a short beard and wears the company's worker uniform, who is a orange t-shirt with a small green circle on it, khaki pants and brown shoes.


Philip's personality consists in being a stereotypical corrupt man who probably wants money, so he does not have love for children and he abuses them for money. He also got hatred to children who made mistake and this is why he kills one, but he is also a little bit charismatic and cold-hearted sometimes.


  • He is probably the most evil villain in the Anders Matthesen franchise, due to him murdering a child for literally no reason.


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