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He mortgaged everything he owns, right down to his underwear, to secure a loan from the bank.
~ Philip Stuckey

Philip Stuckey is the main antagonist of the 1990 Touchstone Pictures film Pretty Woman.

He was portrayed by Jason Alexander, who also voiced Catbert in Dilbert, and Abis Mal in Aladdin.


Philip was the lawyer of the wealthy businessman Edward Lewis and became increasingly worried when his business-partner's previously ruthless nature softened due to his contact with Vivian Ward. This caused him to darken as a character, after Edward tells him that Vivian is a "hooker " he shows a misogynistic side and thinks he can have a "good time" with Vivian and treats her quite badly.

This causes Vivian to distrust Edward but eventually their love is rekindled and Edward goes against Philip's plan to take over another company - which angers Philip and he heads to the hotel room to confront Edward, however he finds Vivian there alone. Philip decides to take out his frustration by attempting to rape Vivian, punching her in the face when she resists and clearly only wishing to do this to spite her for (in his eyes) ruining his business plans - thankfully Edward arrives in time to stop Philip and kicks him out.

Philip tries to get Edward on his side, claiming Vivian was "just a hooker" - which angers Edward sufficiently for him to punch Philip in the face (possibly breaking his nose), he then tells Philip to get out and that Philip was never his friend, Edward believing Philip only truly claimed to care because Edward made him rich. Philip leaves, defeated and finally seeming to understand that Edward loves Vivian (though it is unclear if he was remorseful of his attempted rape or not, given his previous dismissive (and even violent) attitude on the matter).


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