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Philippe is the main antagonist in the 2009 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film Barbie and The Three Musketeers. He is a cousin of Prince Louis.

He was voiced by Tim Curry, who also played Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Lord of Darkness in Legend, Wadsworth in Clue, Pennywise in the It television miniseries, Thaddeus E. Klang in TaleSpin, Taurus Bulba in Darkwing Duck, Hexxus in FernGully: The Last Rainforest, the Evil Manta in The Little Mermaid television series, Cardinal Richeliu in The Three Musketeers, Farley Claymore in The Shadow, Kilokahn in Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad, Drake in The Pebble and the Penguin, Dr. Anton Sevarius in Gargoyles, Long John Silver in Muppets Treasure Island, Simon Doonan in the Titanic TV movie, Maestro Forte in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, Slagar the Cruel in Redwall, Dr. Slicer in Recess, Ben Ravencroft in Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost, Big Brother in Johnny Bravo, the Mouse King in Barbie in the Nutcracker, Professor Calamitous in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Scarlet Fever and Nick O' Teen in Ozzy & Drix, Dale "The Whale" Biederbeck in Monk, Belial in The Legend of Atlantis, El Maléfico in ¡Mucha Luca!: The Return of El Maléfico, Von Talon in Valiant, Anatoly Cherdenko in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, Billy Flynn in Criminal Minds and Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


When Corinne arrived in France, Paris with her pet kitten, Miette, that’s coming to the castle and sends the letter to Monsieur Treville, who’s the leader of the musketeers as well as best friend of her late father. Philippe meets them in time, while informed the questions for happening that matters. He have done to his business before plans of dominating kingdom, only would counted into respected by his henchmen. Brutus, his pet dog who tries to steals the letter and running into the castle, just too late to be chasing by both two. Wherever he is too remorseless towards both her and Treville, and not Brutus.

After the letter is ripped out, Corinne incidentally bumps to the three maids, Aramina, Viveca, and Renee for which Brutus pursued Miette. As for on, she stops them from does repeatedly cumbers. When the girls meets Madame de Bossé Corinne apologized to Aramina, Viveca and Renee then started to clean. During that instead heads to palace, Philippe later speaking to his cousin, Louis, everytime its about that his air-balloon is flying. Besides to be safe with Miette, Corinne reserves at the castle to working around with the three women formally while hope that she serving as the maid.

While Philippe worships his cousin, the chandelier is occasionally falling down with nearly pressing on Louis that is causing the four girls were shocking. Corinne, Aramina, Viveca, and Renee using their excellent musketeer skills in then defending themselves from bust of chandelier without injured. After eventually saved his cousin, Philippe then thinks about that his inwardness murdered him and rules the kingdom as the king. Upon at the night of glory by masquerade ball, Philippe and his regents are disguising as an dancers, which were holds their weapons sneaks into castle to danced with Louis and the girls.

The fierce battle is coming out, he personally with puts his sword to killing the prince but blocked by Corinne at time by way. When his minion kidnaps Treville and the musketeers and makes Louis taking into passageway, Philippe escort his cousin to elevator which he finally reveals his calamity nature. He pick up his sword was soon to dueling with Louis in charge with not lets him to escaped. All the girls are attempted to defeats the regents, saving Treville, Louis, and the musketeers. Corinne pumps her testimony just thought of knowing that the prince is crossing on rooftop of the castle after chased by Philippe.

Upon location to rooftop, Phillippe prepared to executed the prince where which gets discovered by Corinne, who would never makes him to takes the kingdom and becomes the king. However, Philippe also fights with Corinne as the prince enters the dangerous. Phillippe definitely beats Corinne, he is failing to makes her surrounded. For that, Louis, who almost falls down to dead from rooftop is catching the sword to Corinne. Eventually, Corinne must defeated Philippe, sparing him no having owes bloody. Is times is over, Philippe and his henchmen are arrested by Corinne and Louis respectively.



  • Brutus
  • Madame de Bosses
  • Regents


  • Corinne D'Artagnan
  • Aramina
  • Viveca
  • Renee
  • Helene
  • Prince Louis
  • Miette
  • Alexander
  • Treville
  • Marie D'Artagnan
  • Samantha
  • The musketeers
  • The ladies





  • Tim Curry also played Cardinal Richelieu in the 1993 Disney's live-action version of The Three Musketeers.
  • He’s a male counterpart of Duchess Rowena from Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses.
  • This was the second time that Tim Curry voiced a Barbie movie villain. The first time he did it was in Barbie and The Nutcracker as Mouse King.


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