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Philippe Cheynet, also known as Monsieur Philippe, is the main antagonist in the 2013 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale. He is the younger brother of Etienne Cheynet and the second son of Bridgette Cheynet. He is also a riding master of École Montagne.

He is voiced by Peter Kelamis.


Upon Barbie and her sisters arrives on the horse races college, Alpine Academy, in the night, Philippe angrily show up into the stable, which he harassed on his brother, Etienne, they frayed to be quarrel under the meddle. He and Etienne are not have will kind of connection as they dealing each other. Barbie and Etienne showed him performing with his horse whip but evidently in this, they be exacerbate. He immediately opened his photo album looked at the childhood photos of him and his brother after turning on the folios, shone through the spectacles imagination of that as the Majestique, who were powerful wild horses in fact were be reminiscent to fairy tales. Philippe wants to hacking it.

Making sure sought the Majestique horse and founding the woods, Philippe hiding into ashbin before he seeking slow to finds them, which knocking down by all the garbage whom throwing by Max and Marie, the children of the Alpine Academy's owner, Marlene Roberts. When Marlene was keep working into her job, Barbie later arriving in Valley of the Majestiques which seeing Majestiques are standing on the grass, under her fable, she also trains to riding her wild horse, Majesty, which spotted by Philippe, who riding his horse walking around in the road attempting cover up his plans to be wreck. He mention his mother opinion in bosom had laying on, the Alpine Academy was long sells off.

During the first time of Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament, Barbie and her sisters, aunt, and cousins watching Skipper and Stacie riding their horses, Philippe wish to makes Alpine Academy and École Montagne ties into first place. He disturbed the two horse riders, Albain and Theo, noticing that Sebastian and Popcorn, the puppies of the Roberts family were imitate him. Upon joining into the ball, Philippe booze as well when he eating all the pastries and all the foods, soon be will agonizing to deal with Etienne and called him creampuff with several unnecessary blah. Trying to frees the horses from Alpine Academy, Philippe escaped and Chelsea went to riding it which her leading affliction by screaming to hurt down Etienne.

At the next day, Philippe continued riding his horse and told Barbie and her sisters which he managing get rid of someone, such as Jonas, a rider of École Montagne who aid Barbie into sought the horses. While was for his brother beneficial result, Philippe preparing to joined the new tournament until he takes on his sprint, and by be races with Barbie and all the riders, destroyed Majesty and all the horses to letting himself wins. After defeated by Barbie on the last match, Philippe wants to harassed his brother again. Etienne is calling Philippe cheating because he mostly of hated him, as their mother, Bridgette, was eventually arrived to have thinks. He is grounding forced back to his room.


  • He shared his name with Philippe from Barbie and The Three Musketeers.


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