Philippe Delatour is the main antagonist of the first season of Devious Maids.

He is the murderer of Flora Hernandez.   

It all started with Adrian Powell's disgusting hobby of selling prostitutes to his friends and Flora, his maid was the whore. When Philippe was introduced to Flora as his whore, Flora found out that he is Remi Delatour's son and Flora tried to run away but Philippe raped her. Flora then used this information to blackmail him and Adrian, as well as Philippe's lawyer, Michael Stappord just so that she can get Philippe's money. To put an end to Flora's deviousness, Philippe sneaks into a party that he wasn't invited to (Adrian and Evelyn Powell's party) and quickly snatched a knife and stabbed Flora.

As Flora managed to make it downstairs, Eddie Suarez came at the wrong place at the wrong time and Philippe knocked him out unconscious and put the knife in his hand. Flora, however, fell into the pool and was dead. Michael agreed to keep this quiet. This causes the arrival of Marisol and when Philippe realized that Marisol knows too much, he orders an assassination attempt on her but the assassination accidentally shoots Taylor Stappord (Michael's wife) instead. She survived but her unborn child doesn't.

After some persuasion from Taylor, this redeems Michael and he tells Marisol everything that she needs to know.  

Philippe asks Adrian if he can borrow his private jet, which Adrian refuses. Evelyn saw Philippe at the party and when Adrian remembers bringing the murderer into his hobby, the devious couple put two and two together and they realize that Philippe is the real murderer of Flora Hernandez.

With the help of Zoila, Carmen and Rosie, Marisol plots to ensnare Philippe by doing it at his and Genevieve's (he is her former husband and left her for a waitress but realized that he loved her) engagement party where Rosie films Marisol interrogating him and they do it in the room where Adrian does his hobby.

Regardless of Marisol revealing the conspiracy, Philippe denies and is about to save Marisol but in a cold way, Evelyn saves her life by having the security throw her out.

Adrian and Evelyn actually poisoned Philippe and threw him in their pool, making it look like a suicide.

As Adrian and Evelyn tell the detectives that Philippe couldn't live with himself and he committed suicide after murdering Flora Hernandez, the detectives don't believe them.

Rosie, Carmen, and Zoila not only got justice for Flora's death but they also saved Marisol's framed son by backing up Powell's version of the story, making them witnesses.

Therefore, Flora's death is avenged, justice is "served" and Marisol's son's free.

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