"Do you have any idea what it's like to lose someone you love? It's like never being able to breathe again."
—Phillip Karnowsky to Guardian

Phillip Karnowsky is a former Navy SEAL. After his wife's murder, Phillip embarked on a killing spree on criminals, especially if they are on technicalities. He is the vigilante known as Barrage, who is just like Vigilante and the Punisher.


Phillip Karnowsky first appears in the Supergirl episode The Darkest Place. When Guardian (James Olsen) stops a burglar by stringing him up on a street light but moments after they drive away in a motorcycle, Karnowsky kills the burglar. James is stunned to find out Guardian is wanted for murder; Snapper claims he has a bias for superheroes. Winn attempts to convince James to stop, but James plans to lure the other vigilante out. The other vigilante, named Barrage, shows up to kill a drug dealer when Guardian confronts him; both vigilantes claim they want to keep National City safe, before Barrage escapes and Guardian is confronted by police.

Winn Schott Jr. traces Barrage to an ex-Navy SEAL, Phillip Karnowsky, who is going after criminals released on technicalities. Guardian arrives and defeats him just in time for Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer to catch the real killer Maggie allows Guardian to leave before the police arrive.


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