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Phillip Mitchell is an unseen fictional character and posthumous antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders.


Phillip Mitchell was born in Walford from the year 1915. Over the years he became the patriarch of the Mitchell Family, after his late father Edward, that originally consisted of his brother Kenneth and sister Mirage.

Then in 1938, he met a woman called Sandra and they got married. The couple then conceived two boys, Archie Mitchell and Eric Mitchell, along with a third child named Clive Mitchell. It was later hinted that Phillip had joined the RAF and became a sergeant, but was later demoted from the military and ended up becoming a store worker for a period of time. Phillip eventually died on 14 June 1969.

In 2008, no sooner had Archie moved into Walford at The Queen Victoria public house where his sister-in-law Peggy serves as the landlady, they announced their engagement and hosted a family meal to celebrate. But it soon disastrous when Peggy and Eric's eldest son, Phil Mitchell, threatened his child Ben Mitchell for having food already without permission. When he is stopped from doing so, Phil brings up the fact that Eric had mistreated him in the past and that Peggy didn't do enough to stop the ordeal.

Archie then confronts Phil and arranges for the two to have a private conversation. Thereupon Archie explains that both he and Eric were in fact abused by their own father, thus making Phil realize what exactly drove his own father to become abusive towards him in the past. Archie then mentions that Eric was glad that their father did, to which he said "Good day. Brilliant day. Good riddance to bad rubbish". Phil eventually calms down, apologizes to Ben, and the family seems to have reconciled after Archie's words.

However, what the family doesn't know is that Archie's ordeal of his father's abuse is the reason why he became a monster; as Archie had sexually molested his eldest daughter Ronnie Mitchell when she was 13, then a year forced her to give up her baby Danielle Jones for adoption, and was also prepared to rape his other daughter Roxy had Ronnie not intervened on her sister's behalf. Furthermore, Archie ended his marriage with his daughter's mother Glenda Mitchell and perpetuated a number of evil schemes to keep control of his own family.

Then on the night he was murdered by his rape victim Stacey Slater in Christmas 2009, Archie was confronted by Ronnie for every bad thing he did to her. Archie justified his actions by bringing up his father again, before then claiming to Ronnie that his own father never ever smiled at him once. As such Archie claimed that his father would torment him by; leaving them alone in a room, using a snowglobe to make Archie do as he says and that if he didn't then Phillip would abuse him.


  • Despite being an unseen character, Phillip Mitchell is arguably the overarching antagonist of EastEnders' long-running arc that surrounds the Mitchell Family. This is due to the fact that Phillip was implied to have abused his two sons Archie Mitchell and Eric Mitchell in the past.
    • This in turn made Eric the posthumous villain who would abuse his son Phil Mitchell, which in turn made Phil into the criminal hardman he still is today.
    • This had also made Archie become the monster whose on-screen reign of terror during 2008-2009 left his own family and their neighbourhood traumatized by his evil standard, most notably with his eldest daughter Ronnie Mitchell - as Archie had sexually molested and raped her several times when she was 13 before subsequently making her life miserable when she was 14 ever since he gave away her baby, Danielle Jones, without her consent.