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Phillipe Loren is a Crime Lord from Saints Row: The Third at the first half of the story he seems to be the antagonist until his death at the hands of The Leader of the Saints with Killbane being revealed as the True Antagonist.


Phillipe captures the Leader of the Saints along with Johnny Gat and Shaundi until Gat frees both the Leader of the Saints and Shaundi and they escape while Phillipe fights Gat until Phillipe is knocked out and Gat being kidnapped by Zinyak and after Johnny is kidnapped Phillipe faked Gat's Death and tells Killbane and Matt Miller to go after the Saints eventually his operations are foiled and later on the Leader of the Saints confront Loren only for Loren to retreat then afterwords the Leader of the Saints shouts the giant ball from the ceiling and after Loren leaves the elevator he gets crushed by the giant ball and eventually Killbane becomes the new syndicate leader.

Years later after the Zin destroyed earth a Virtual Clone of Loren acts as an enemy to both the Leader of the Saints who is now President and Johnny Gat.


  • He is described as being similar to a James Bond villain by lead writer Steve Jaros who dierected the third game.
  • Phillipe is always mistaken for French to his dismay.
    • The Leader of the Saints themselves mistakes him for being French at their first meeting in the plane.
    • He is called Frenchy by Johnny Gat and he corrected Gat by telling him that he is Belgian with a tone of anger though Gat may have just been messing with him.
    • Burt Reynolds himself mistakes Phillipe for French with Viola correcting him.
  • His role is similar to Emperor Gestahl as both first appeared as main antagonists of their own story until their deaths at the first act only to have their top enforcers turning out be the true antagonists.
  • Strangely his Virtual Clone has two eyes like when he first appeared while the real and current Phillipe has one eye.


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