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Phineas Sharp

Phineas Sharp is the main antagonist in the Darkwing Duck episode "In Like Blunt".

He was voiced by the late Jonathan Harris.


Phineas Sharp is like many characters an anthropomorphic bird (a vulture suitably) and like non-anthropomorphic bird Tantalus he has an ancient Greek name which is connected with revealing important secrets. It is not mere coincidence as he appears like the typical Bond villain bent on selling a list of undercover policemen to the highest bidder in a villains-only auction. Being the archenemy of secret agent Derek Blunt and being comedically neurotic he spends an unhealthy amount of his time by playing with his enemy's action figures. Playing here means destroying each and everyone in quite gruesome ways which reflects what he has in store for Derek.

In the auction the renowned villains include Magica, Flintheart, Beagle Boys, Steelbeak, Ammonia Pine and Hammerhead Hannigan. Like a businessman he saves the list for last angering the impatient mob of criminals. He does capture DW, Blunt and Launchpad, trapping them in a very elaborate death device (much like any Bond villain), but they escape and exchange the list with a grocery list. Hammerhead, who won the auction, is obviously infuriated, so DW and Blunt just leave Phineas to deal with the angry Hammerhead.

While he was amusingly eccentric and even a bit cowardly he is one of the few villains in the show with an identifiable body count which included showing some of the corpses onscreen.


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