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Why be you, when you can be new?
~ Ratchet changing Bigweld's inspirational slogan.
Do you know what I call robots who can't afford upgrades? SCRAP METAL!
~ Ratchet explaining his hatred on the entire lower-class population of Robot City.

Phineas T. Ratchet is the secondary antagonist of Blue Sky's second animated feature film Robots.

He briefly takes over Bigweld Industries through lies and manipulation so that he can recycle all outmoded and discarded robots in town as ingots to be used for upgrades. He is Madame Gasket's son & right-hand bot and Rodney's arch-enemy along with Gasket.

He was voiced by Greg Kinnear. In the videogame adaptation of the film, he was voiced by Jim Meskimen.


Ratchet hates the lower-class population of Robot City. His goal is to recycle them for ingots. He has a mother named Madame Gasket, who is the true mastermind behind Ratchet's plot to take over Robot City. He flirts with Cappy and wants her to be his wife, but she is repulsed by him and his motives.

When Bigweld returns to Bigweld Industries and fires Ratchet, Ratchet was told to get out. In desperation, Ratchet whacks Bigweld in the head with the intercom, knocking him out. Then he ordered his guards to send Bigweld to the Chop Shop to be turned into ingots for Summertime upgrades along with Rodney, Wonderbot, and Cappy, and to "put Ratchet's name on Bigweld's parking space". Then, during the battle, he activated the moving pails to dump Bigweld and sets his upgraded sweepers to destroy everything and then, his sweepers are knocked down. When Madame Gasket was pushed into the melter, Ratchet tries to escape on a cable bumping into the roof and lost all of his upgraded parts and leading her to be strapped on the ceiling. His father tries to comfort him with Bigweld's inspirational motto, but Ratchet cuts him off.


Ratchet is a cruel, ruthless, sadistic, merciless, blameworthy, and scandalous corporate social climber, who takes control of Bigweld Industries after Bigweld leaves and goes into hiding. He is extremely greedy, sarcastic, self-centered, narcissistic and materialistic, as he decides to discontinue making spare parts so that the older robots would be forced to either buy upgrades or become outmodes and get taken away to his mother's Chop Shop.

This was partly because of greed, and because he hates outmode robots. In order to move his plans forward, Ratchet intimidates most of his employees, into supporting him. Because of this, Ratchet is also viewed as an arrogant, egotistical, and traitorous bully by most of his underlings and the tumbledown robots. He also believes himself to be quite provocative and flirtatious, as he unsuccessfully tries to flirt with Cappy several times.

However, Ratchet is just a stooge compared to Madame Gasket. He carries out her plans and obediently bends to her will. It is revealed that when Ratchet causes Bigweld Industries to stop making spare parts, the robots who cannot afford to buy upgrades will be gathered up by Madame Gasket's sweepers and taken to the Chop Shop, where they will be melted down and turned into ingots for upgrades. Ratchet is partially only performing Gasket's plan, but it does benefit him as well.

Despite his uncaring and treacherous nature, Ratchet is shown to have a softer side, as he is seen when he is around his mother, as they do genuinely seem to care about each other. However, Ratchet is embarrassed by her because of her grotesque appearance and was horrified to find he shared in his parental figure's insanity. He also has a bond with his father.


My goodness, what a remarkable legacy. Concern for the common robot. You don't come across old-fashioned values like that anymore, friends, and for good reason: THERE'S NO MONEY IN IT! Hello?! Memo to Bigweld: we're not a charity! That's why old Fatface no longer sits in the big chair. He's a relic! So I don't want to hear another, "Where's Bigweld?" (imitating baby whining)
~ Ratchet's first words, also lying to Bigweld Industries' board of directors.
Now, let's get down to the business of sucking every loose penny out of Mr. and Mrs. Average Knucklehead. What's our big-ticket item?
*"Eye of the Tiger" playing*
Upgrades, people, upgrades. That's how we make the dough. Now, if we're telling robots that no matter what they're made of, they're "fine", how can we expect them to feel crummy enough about themselves to buy our upgrades and make themselves look better? Therefore, I've come up with a new slogan: "Why be you, when you can be new?" I got to tell ya, I think it's brilliant, but-but honestly, I'd like to hear what you employees think about this.
Bigweld Executive 2: Out of the ballpark, Ratchet.
~ Ratchet unveiling the upgrades presentation to Bigweld Industries' board of directors, who approve Ratchet's product.
Ratchet: Cappy, you, uh, you haven't said a word.
Cappy: It gave me chills.
Ratchet: Thank you, thank you.
Cappy: But...
Ratchet: "But"?
Cappy: I'm just wondering, why would robots buy new upgrades if parts are so much cheaper?
Ratchet: Oh, right. Well, that's easy, because, as of today, we are no longer making spare parts!
~ Ratchet telling Cappy that Bigweld Industries will discontinue making spare parts.
Do you know what I call robots who can't afford upgrades? SCRAP METAL! You see them on the streets, misshapen and rust-covered. They turn your insides out. You want to return home and scrub yourself. Now, Cappy, I want your department to push our new slogan. In fact, I'm moving you into the office right next to mine. We'll be working very, very closely together on this one. Won't that be fun?
Cappy: Oodles.
~ Ratchet explaining his hatred over the lower-class population, who also orders Cappy and her advertising department to unveil the new slogan, also moving her office next to Ratchet's, much to Cappy's disinterest.
What the...?
~ Ratchet meeting Rodney for the first time.
Gee, no, no, but while he's away, he left me in charge.
~ Ratchet explains to Rodney that after Bigweld left his company, Ratchet took over for him.
I have a better idea: why don't you let me show you what it can do? It can do THIS!
~ Ratchet lying to Rodney about his Wonderbot invention, as a means of kicking Rodney out.
Ratchet: Thank you. We now come to the point of the evening where I have the tremendous honor of introducing our beloved founder Mr. Bigweld... who, unfortunately, is unable to attend.
Rodney: What?
Ratchet: He sends his apologies, his love, and a small box of assorted cookies.
Rodney: NOT COMING?!
Ratchet: And what are you doing here?
Rodney: What have you done with Bigweld?! HOW COME WE DON'T SEE HIM ANYMORE, HUH?!
Ratchet: Okay.... *turns on his headset* Security, we have a party crasher.
~ Ratchet announcing Bigweld isn't coming to the ball, to Rodney's fury, who confronts him on outmoding.
~ Ratchet as he spots Rodney's true form in the ball, after Rodney stripped his fancy clothes to try and tell the truth of Ratchet outmoding the lower class population.
Take him for a drive, and bring me back his exact weight in paperclips!
~ Ratchet ordering the security guards to take Rodney out of the ball.
Get him!
~ Ratchet ordering his security guards to seize Rodney.
Get out of my way!
~ Ratchet ordering his executives to stop dancing so he could continue chasing Rodney.
Mother, I'm an adult, okay? So, stop telling me how to kill Bigweld. I'm doing it today, how I want, where I want, and with whatever I want!
~ Ratchet on the phone with Madame Gasket about killing Bigweld.
Ratchet: No! No! Tell him I'm not here. Tell him anything, just don't let him in!
Bigweld: RATCHET!
Ratchet: *screams*
Ratchet: What happened?! Run out of dominos? I'll send you some more!
Bigweld: YOU'RE FIRED!
Ratchet: Fired?! On what grounds?! This company has never been more profitable!
Bigweld: Profits, schmofits! Now get out!
Ratchet: NO! Wait, please! Listen to me! You can't do this to me! THIS JOB IS MY LIFE! It means everything to me! You don't know what I've done to get here! The lies I've told, the lives I've ruined! This isn't helping me.
Bigweld: Get me security!
Ratchet: WAIT! PLEASE! Can I make one more heartfelt plea?
Bigweld: Okay, what do you wanna say?
Ratchet: THAT!
Bigweld: OH!
Ratchet: Oh my gosh, I'm just as crazy as my mother!
~ Ratchet meeting Bigweld, who fires him and is told to get out, before Ratchet tricks him and knocks him unconscious with the intercom.
Take Fatface to the Chop Shop, and put my name on his parking space.
~ Ratchet ordering the security guards to take Bigweld to the Chop Shop, and to put his name on Bigweld's parking spot.
Rodney: LET GO OF HIM!
Ratchet: *chuckles* Sure. Listen kid, it's over. You lost. Bigweld is gonna be melted down into next season's upgrades along with YOU, YOUR MORONIC COFFEPOT, and Cappy. Such a waste.
~ Ratchet angrily telling them that he is planning on melting down Bigweld, along with Rodney, Wonderbot, and Cappy.
This is the last day ANY OUTMODE WILL EVER SEE!
~ Ratchet as he's ready to crush the heroes.
This is gonna get greasy!
~ Ratchet's breakdown and rise to power as he's also ready to crush all the fighters.
AH! My upgrades!
~ Ratchet's defeat.
Ratchet's father: It's alright son. You can shine no matter what-
Ratchet: Oh, just STOP!
~ Ratchet's father trying to comfort him with Bigweld's inspirational motto, before Ratchet cuts him off.


  • Steve Buscemi, Kevin Spacey, French Stewart and Christian Slater were all considered for the role of Phineas T. Ratchet before Greg Kinnear was cast.
  • Ratchet is so far the only animated movie villain to be voiced by Greg Kinnear.
  • Despite being the one who drove the plot of the film, he is not the main antagonist. That would be his mother Madame Gasket, despite her very little screen time.
    • He is however, the main antagonist of the PlayStation tie-in game, as Madame Gasket makes no appearance in it at all.

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