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Phinks Magcub is a major antagonist in the anime/manga series Hunter x Hunter. He is a founding member of the Phantom Troupe, an infamous gang of thieves with class A bounties. He is physically the second strongest member of the group, after Uvogin.

In the 1999 anime, he is voiced by Yoshiaki Matsumoto in Japanese and Lucas Gilbertson in English; in the 2011 anime, he is voiced by Kenichiro Ohashi in Japanese and David Vincent in English.


Phinks has blond hair (dark brown in the 1999 series) and is fairly tall and muscular. His most distinguishing feature is having no eyebrows. When first introduced, Phinks wears an outfit similar to a modern pharaoh, with a golden snake-like headpiece, white long sleeve tunic, and a necklace. Often, while in public, he wears a tracksuit.


Phinks is short-tempered and rather ruthless. He can be brash and has a tendency to get into conflicts with other people, including his comrades. Phinks seem to get along with Feitan the most and are often seen partnering with him, both in and out of combat. He is very loyal to Chrollo Lucilfer, as shown when he was the first to try to go after Kurapika after Chrollo was captured despite the objections of other members.

He does not seem to be the type that would take his own words seriously. This was shown when despite how it was his idea that anyone who kills Zazan would be declared the new de factor leader of the Phantom Troupe, where Feitan had done so, he was seen chasing and throwing rocks at both Shalnark and the newly-elected leader, albeit comically, for teasing him.

Later, while he is still a bit short-tempered, he has been shown to have good relationships with his fellow Spiders. He has shown a melancholy look when informing Gon and Killua about Pakunoda's death. He also seems to have developed a bond with the Phantom Troupe’s newest member, Kalluto Zoldyck. He sometimes gives the young assassin advice, such as how it was best to split up the group when fighting the Chimera Ants, which was for the best since it gave Kalluto the opportunity to use the abilities he prefers to keep hidden from others. When Shizuku appears with her clothes destroyed, Phinks is surprised and is the first one to comment, asking if she aims for a new look. He later lends his robes to her, showing a gentlemanly side to Phinks.

Power and Abilities

  • Nen: Versatile in the usage of Nen, Phinks is an Enhancer-type. While winding his arm in a clockwise direction, his physical power is getting stronger with every rotation. This ability is known as the "Ripper Cyclotron".
  • Immense Strength: As his strength ranked second among the Phantom Troupe, Phinks is immensely strong in the Hunter X Hunter universe. He is able to instantly kill a Nostrade family bodyguard with just his bare hands.
  • Immense Speed and Reflexes: Despite his stature, Phinks is incredibly fast and agile. He is able to easily catch up Killua who was attempting to escape the Phantom Troupe, and later on able to catch on them after accidentally meeting with them in the auction. He is also seen being able to snap the necks of multiple mafia members before they could even retaliate.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Phinks is a master in hand-to-hand combat, being able to beat Killua effortlessly and block his attacks.



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