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The Phlovomites is a race of blue-colored Aliens from the video game The Impossible Quiz Book. Though the series of the Quiz, the aliens had various appearances, though they are considered to create their most villainous act in the Book version.


The aliens appear to be tall-blue skin colored, with yellow jackets. Their eyes have very long eye stalks and their lips are big and red-colored. They appear to be having four hands, and plunged legs. While the blood of these aliens have been confirmed to be green. They are in a constant war with another alien species known as the Spatulons.



Before the first Quiz was even released, Splapp-me-do posted on his DeviantArt account a picture of two different aliens talking & possibly arguing in a anonymous language. Splapp didn't say anything about the aliens, until 31 May, when he uploaded a war picture of the aliens, reviewing that their names are The Phlovomites. Their main role is in The Impossible Quiz Book. Though they appeared in all of the other Impossible Quiz games.

Impossible Quiz Book Story-Line

In the Book, first Phlovomite King appears, the head of the Phlovomites. The King managed to connect their devices on Planet Earth's internet. However, he is known for playing the main game the Impossible Quiz, the first episode of the game-sequel. The King ended up getting stuck on the first question. Though, he found about the Impossible Quiz Book on Earth, which made him decide that the Phlovomites must find the book as quick as possible, because it contains all the answers.

He gets notified that Chris the Cat has the book. One of the Phlovomites ships tried taking the book out of the cat's claws, which ended with Chris shooting it up with a shotgun. The King then got extremely angry, and decided to capture the cat instead, with the book. Eventually two Phlovomites known as 109 and 42, talked about the cat. They wanted to eat the cat, but they decided to throw him inside of a cell. In the cell, Chris finds the copy of their Guide to the Galaxy and with the help of a Spatulon named Norman, which was in the cell with him. he two managed to open the gates of the cell and escape.

The Phlovomites find out about the news, and start chasing them. But Chris and Norman escaped by using a time-machine. The game ends with Chris and Norman deleting the Impossible Quiz from history.


  • They were created by Glenn Rhodes, also known as Splapp-me-do.


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