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I'm very much going to enjoy watching you struggle.
~ Phobos

Phobos is one of the main antagonists in the video game, Grand Sphere. He was a mysterious creatureo called Dark Spheres as he was also responsible of possessing Sirius, the knight of Tellan Empire and son of Luhmer, the chief strategist of the nation. He also served as the main antagonist in both Kingdom of Nepto arc and Saturnia Federation arc.


Phobos was a At first glance, Phobos is very affable, charming, charismatic and collected as he was first confronted by the Grand Spheres. However, he was very devious, sinister, manipulative, and cunning as he was willing to assist the Dark Spheres to attack the nations and leave the destruction and chaos in their wake. He was also very cruel and sadistic as the examples; he mocked Kiz of her fate when he had captured the latter and later torturously beat up Vidor when the latter attacked him after that. 

Despite that, Phobos can be very extremely vengeful and bitter towards his enemies whe they provoked him.



Phobos was one of  

Kingdom of Nepto


Saturnia Federation

Phobos later reappear Despite his true form's powers, Phobos was eventually defeated by the Grand Spheres as he was weakened by their attacks and his soul was eventually sealed in the twin gem by Ryuuji, who used Bahamut's power, thus both ending his reign of terror and setting Sirius free from his possession.

Powers & Abilities

Being a strategist, Phobos was capable of 


Heh heh heh... You're pretty good for a human being.
~ Phobos's first introduction.
I am Phobos. It is a pleasure. I do hope that you will remember me from now on.
~ Phobos introduced himself to Stella.
Oh my, you remembered my name. I am truly honored. I was mesmerized by your strength in battle, your Highness. How befitting of someone who was a vessel for Verzeus.
~ Fake Phobos to Stella.
Oh? Were you not privy to this information? You didn't know that Princess Stella became the vessel for Master Verzeus' reincarnation, trampling the Marth Empire?
~ Fake Phobos revealing the purpose of Verzeus' possession on Stella to the lords of Nepto.
T-to think, i would be taken by surprise in this form...!
~ Phobos after his blown was uncovered by Luhmer.
Saturnia's noble summon on high... How far you have fallen.
~ Phobos to Kiz.
Me? I haven't meddled here. The attackers were Ziz's own kin. Remember Princess Stella's prior predicament? Ziz's reincarnated kin came back as Dark Sphere you see.
~ Phobos revealing the Dark Spheres surronding Kiz were her kin.
Heh heh... Hah hah haah! This is too humorous to stand! Being torn apart by those you must protect, your very kin... Perhaps not a fitting end, but a beautiful one, I must say!
~ Phobos to Dione.
What is this!? Ziz's kin are splitting from the Dark Spheres? Impossible!
~ Phobos after he witnessed Bahamut's powers awakened within Ryuuji.
Tch... This is a bothersome turn of events. So be it. Another day, another chance for world domination.
~ Phobos before he makes his escape.
Drat... What a nuisance that automaton is. I was just about to take you all by surprise.
~ Phobos to the Grand Spheres.
You remember me, it is truly an honor. I too felt obliged to join this improtant gathering. Along with my army, that is.
~ Phobos to Eioh after he brought an army of Sahagin troops towards the Summit.
Heh heh heh... Finished so soon? You won't stop anything if you give up now.
~ Phobos to the Grand Spheres.
Heh... Hah hah hah! You call me your son, yet hold a blade to me?
~ Phobos to Luhmer.
Heh heh... Hah hah hah hah! You see right through me! Such is the intellect of Tellan's notorious strategist. I've been in many bodies, but Sirius' is exceptional. This former Grand Sphere serves me well.
No... Impossible...! I still have power left...
~ Phobos after he was defeated by the Grand Spheres.
Stop...! You mean to cut the flesh of your only son!?
~ Phobos'last words.


  • Phobos was named after the God of Fear.
  • It is unknown whether Phobos was a Dark Sphere or something else, though his origin was not revealed.
  • His true form was based on the Grim Reaper.

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