Phoebe Bernap

Phoebe Bernap is an antagonist from "Catfishing Teacher," episode 17.10 of Law & Order: SVU. She was a school teacher and a serial statutory rapist, as she had a history of sleeping with her teenage students, even when she was working with third graders.

She was portrayed by Kelli Barrett.


Phoebe had worked in four different schools before her current workplace, and in the beginning of the episode, she was shown engaging in a sexual tryst with student Travis Barstow in the back of her car. Later on, the evil Phoebe approached Jordan Messina and offered him a chance at "extra credit," which became another tryst later on,

Phoebe was caught and revealed when a suggestive photo of her was texted to Zach Foster as a catfishing scam; the photo taken by another serial statutory rapist, wrestling coach Donald Bazinski. She was found with her 21-year-old husband (who she assumingly met in another school tryst) and accused of kidnapping Zach. Phoebe was arrested and charged with the statutory rape of Jordan and Travis, and she denied having contact with Zach and fingered Bazinski as the culprit behind her photo being taken. Regarding her sexual encounters with Jordan and Travis (among other students), Phoebe claimed that she was helping her students because they came from broken homes.