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Well, Grandfather, the moment of truth.
~ Phoenix about to open the treasure.

Phoenix Buchanan is the main antagonist in the 2017 film Paddington 2, the sequel to Paddington. He is a washed-up actor who lives near the Browns.

He was portrayed by Hugh Grant.

Paddington 2

Paddington saves up money to buy a pop-up book for his Aunt Lucy's birthday, but a thief breaks into the antique store where it is held and steals it. The thief escapes and turns out to be Buchanan in disguise, and Paddington is arrested for the crime.

It turns out that the book holds clues to the whereabouts of a fortune, and Buchanan assumes other disguises to find the clues. Meanwhile, the Browns begin to suspect him and eventually find his costumes and the book in his attic, proving him to be the culprit. However, the Police need the pop-up book in order to prove that Phoenix is the one who stoten it since the book will have his fingerprints on. 

With the help of some of his inmates, Paddington escapes from prison and talk the browns on the phone and they had no clues of Phoenix's whereabouts, but Paddinton tell the browns that on the last page of the pop-up book was "When All Your Dreams Come Ture", Mary Brown realise she had the same thing on Phoenix's scratch paper. The browns even saw the same word on the organ in the newpaper and realise that the organ is where the treasure and know that Phoenix was heading the train with the organ onbroad, Harry Brown then tell Paddinton to head for the trainstation because if they can retain the book from Phoenix than it will prove that he is the real thief. 

Paddinton onboards a train with Buchanan, which carries an organ where the treasure is hidden. Buchanan tries to access the fortune in the organ, but Paddington and the Browns confront him and knock him out. He is later arrested and continues his acting career in prison and was sentence 10 in years, and Paddington's name is cleared.


Now then, I suppose you know who I am?
~ Phoenix meeting Paddington the first time.
~ Phoenix seeing stealing the book.
Thank you. Thank you. Well, it seems I didn't needthe West End after all. Just a captive audience. What am I like? Guards, lock me up! Oh, wait, you have. (CHUCKLES)
~ Phoenix last words in the movie.
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