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The Phone Shark is the main antagonist of the Henry Danger episode The Secret Gets Out. He has Titanium Metal Teeth that are pointy and somewhat resemble those of a shark, hence his name; he got the teeth at a dentist, possibly Drill Finger.  In Secret Gets Out, he was eat and destroying phones without getting caught by either Captain Man or Kid Danger.

He is portrayed by Jon Dixon.


The Phone Shark was unexplainably able to escape from Captain Man's clutches, making him look bad on live television. He would later be seen in attendance at a wedding, blending in; no one (except Henry and Charlotte) were able to recognize him. Kid Danger distracted the Phone Shark with his cellphone and threw it up in the air, as he lunged for it while Kid Danger jumped on him. Everyone was unaware he was the Phone Shark until he showed his teeth and behaved like one.


  • The Phone Shark may be a reference to Jaws, a James Bond villain who was known for having teeth made of metal and able to crunch through anything.
  • His name is a pun on loan shark, an individual who if not paid after having money borrowed, will go after the person who took his money for his own selfishness.


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