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Sam Burke: Well sh-t on me and call me a Sunday. Mr. Humble here works for the US government. Hmm.
Twitch Williams: A pool photographer for the House of Representatives.
~ Sam and Twitch reading on the report about the photographer.

This unnamed photographer is a minor antagonist in the first season of Todd McFarlane's Spawn. He is a photographer who was sent from Washington D.C. and works for the U.S. government to take pictures of Wanda and Max's meeting as evidence about the child murders. He first appeared in episode "Dominoes".


Early life

Nothing is known about the photographer's life or his real name, he was presumably born in Washington, D.C. and works for the U.S. government. After Wanda attempts to get closer to the child murder case, Jason Wynn or Senator Scott McMillan sent the photographer to gather evidence on her.


While Wanda is seen feeding the ducks with bread in the park, the photographer follows and takes pictures of her. Wanda's PI contact, Max Kivala, meets and hands her a file with the police evidence of a fingerprint from the child murder case. Knowledging that there is another child killer on the loose and her client Watson was setup, Max tells her that someone with power is covering for the killer and needs to be careful.

Unknowingly, Spawn appears and surprises the man, demanded to know what he's was doing. The man pulls out his gun and attempted to shoot him, but ending getting his arm rip off and continues to demanding answers. Rather than telling him anything, the man takes the gun and ends his own life by shooting himself in the head.

Discussing the Stevens murders, detective Sam Burke and Twitch Williams watch TV and hear that Senator McMillan is running for president. They also discuss the recent attack at the park this morning, being confused about why a photographer from D.C. ended up in New York City's park and kills himself.


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