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The black mana thickens... I can see his image dancing in its whorls. Phraeganoth, the world-devourer... At this rate, it's only a matter of time before he is reborn. The fool seeking to revive him must be stopped, and quickly...
~ Pele on Phraeganoth.

Phraeganoth is an minor antagonist from Dragalia Lost, being the main antagonist of the event Loyalty’s Requiem.


Phraeganoth resembles a brown rocky turtle with several buildings on its back and glowing yellow eyes.

Powers and Abilities

It’s attacks include sending its foes into the air, launching fireballs from its mouth, spinning with its tail stuck out, dashing at its foes.

Its black mana can draw in other fiends.


Phraeganoth was a world-devouring fiend that was defeated long ago.

Alba fought against the creature, but fell in battle, but the dragon Pele managed to trap it, her friend King Archeole, and herself in the space between worlds.

Pele tried to prevent Phraeganoth’s revival to no avail, getting wounded in the process. While, she did escape the space, so did the fiend.

Eventually, Euden and company helped Pele trap Phraeganoth in the space between worlds for good.


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