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Note: This is mainly an article for Piconjo's villainous depiction in Newgrounds: Rumble. For more heroic/more accurate depictions, see Piconjo on the Heroes Wiki.

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The dark side of Newgrounds has been growing more numerous and brazen, sometimes appearing even on the front page. As Piconjo prepares for one final push, all of the Newgrounds hangs in the balance.
~ Piconjo's "story so far", description in-game.

Buttchamber, mistakenly referred to as "Piconjo" in Newgrounds Rumble, is one of the most notable figures from Newgrounds Rumble. The real Piconjo is the protagonist of the Piconjo series, a series of flash animations which depict his feuds with Newgrounds creators and characters, such as illwillpress, LegendaryFrog, and Pikanjo.

Piconjo is sometimes accompanied throughout the series by his friends, like GreatAnimatorOnizuka, SickDeathFiend, and Livecorpse.

While normally depicted as a comedic anti-hero in his own animations, his Newgrounds Rumble incarnation is depicted as being much more villainous and murderous. It has been confirmed that the Newgrounds Rumble iteration of the character is separate from the real Piconjo.


In 2003, a user on Newgrounds has been registered by the name "Piconjo", who submitted a variety of flash animations. The user was also known for being critical of Newgrounds and it's users, most notably LegendaryFrog. It was also claimed that the user supposedly worked for Pixar. In 2005, he stopped being active, and revealed that he has a kidney disease. He was believed to have passed away in June 9, 2005 due to a failed kidney operation, but he later resurfaced in 2021.

In 2004, Piconjo created his first animated video featuring the titular character. Piconjo appears to be tall and extremely muscular, with orange-red hair and simple white eyes, though sometimes the eyes have been presented as red when he becomes angry. Piconjo hates the color purple, ironically the character based on him wears purple in the game, Newgrounds Rumble. Piconjo is usually drawn shirtless, and usually brandishes a long sword. In the Piconjo Confessions series, Piconjo is drawn in the same style as Final Fantasy protagonists.

After his death, "Piconjo" primarily gained exposure through Newgrounds Rumble, in which several Newgrounds characters fight one another. Without having asked permission, "Piconjo" was included in this game with a heavily redesigned version of "Piconjo." This design has been officially named "Buttchamber" and is described as "the dark-side of Newgrounds".

Newgrounds Rumble

Piconjo appears in the flash game Newgrounds Rumble. In-game, "Piconjo" has very strong attacks and good balance. His projectiles are poor, and his attacks are very slow yet powerful.

The beginning of "Piconjo's" story states that "Piconjo" has kept growing stronger, and prepared for his final attack, the outcome of which sees Newgrounds hanging in the balance.

To begin, "Piconjo's" first enemy is the Newgrounds' guardian: P-Bot. "Piconjo" gets in the bad relations with Nene and Tankman, which gives him a perfect opportunity to have the two fight at the same time.

"Piconjo" rests in the store, when the new hero, Alloy, enters sparking the third battle. In the end, "Piconjo" ends up in the meat locker, in which he must battle Pico and Alien Hominid. The ending states that "Piconjo" killed all of the Newgrounds heroes, allowing "Piconjo" to finally destroy Newgrounds, thus the Newgrounds community yearns for a new hero to finally defeat him.

He has appeared in other characters' story modes: In Convict's story mode, "Piconjo" heard about the shapeshifter and his warpath and was not interested in sharing the glory of toppling Newgrounds; he wanted to destroy it all by himself, therefore, he decides to kill him to preserve this role (but is defeated in the process).

In the final level of Fancy Pants' story mode, in which he hunts down the culprits who deceived him into thinking it was Free Ice-Cream Day, "Piconjo" appears as an anti-hero in the story mode by joining forces with Fancy Pants, as he understood Fancy's plight, as in his youth, "Piconjo" was likewiseonce a carefree stickman as well.

Pico Vs. The Darkness

"Piconjo" tried taking over a city by using a machine that produces dark creatures, making Pico, Nene and Darnell to swoop in and stop his plan. Once they arrived, he devoured its power core to gain the upper advantage only to be defeated by the heroes.

Hunt For Piconjo

"Piconjo" breaks out of prison in April 30th and is now being hunted by the NG Team. He was then cornered by Tankman, Dad, P-Bot and M-Bot but managed to defeat them all before Pico arrived. When he did, he stopped "Piconjo's" rampage with one shot and put him back to jail.

Piconjo: AFK

Piconjo decided to take a break from terrorizing Newgrounds and decided to relax in fishing.


While Piconjo is often depicted as a simple stick figure or a muscular figure with long orange hair in most media, his depiction in Newgrounds Rumble has orange hair and is dressed in purple-blue clothes, wearing a purple shirt, baggy pants and black-purple shoes with skulls on the shoes. He also carries a large sword, which makes his walk slower due to the sword being very heavy.

According to Piconjo, his Newgrounds Rumble incarnation is a separate character entirely.





  • A popular misconception is that Piconjo serves as a rival to Pico (likely caused by media such as Pico vs. Piconjo and Newgrounds Rumble, unofficial media which depicts him as Pico's doppelganger). In truth, Piconjo has described Pico as a "warty p3n0r sux0r rip off", and truly seeks to defeat LegendaryFrog.

MindChamber's apology.

  • MindChamber has left a comment on one of Piconjo's posts in which he apologized for Piconjo's more villainous depiction in Newgrounds Rumble, saying he did not mean to disrespect Piconjo and was always a fan of his animations.
  • Piconjo himself has reached out to the Villains Wiki to ask for corrections to misleading information in this article, such as information present exclusively in fan animations made by users unrelated to him or his collaborators.
  • Piconjo has explained the differences and background of these characters in his post on Newgrounds as seen here.


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