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Pidsley is the secondary antagonist of the 2007 animated Aardman show Shaun the Sheep. He is Bitzer's rival and the current pet of the Farmer's niece and the Farmer's former pet.


Pidsley is an arrogant and traitorous cat. He was jealous of Bitzer the whole time. He would do anything to be better than him. Plus sometimes he likes to betray the Farmer like once he locks him out. He likes mice (like other cats) plus is the same in anybody (in 'Cat got your brain'). He likes to abuse and bullies the flock and always lie to them.


Pidsley at first is an completely red cat and is too cartoony. He has big eyes and teeth. Like Bitzer, Pidsley's design also changed in Season 2. Now he looks like a real cat where he has a black nose and around it white fur and has some stripes on his back. Plus his fur pattern looks like the same for Bitzer's white fur in the first season.


Pidsley is the Farmer's cat trying to be better than Bitzer. He is a bully to the flock.

Despite Pidsley being one of the main antagonists of the show, Pidsley doesn't appear in the third, fourth and fifth season as in "We wish Ewe a Merry Chismas", the final episode of the second season, Pidsley was given the Farmer's niece's.

It is possible that he feels embarrassed as she is so much spoiled thing her way or it is possible that he reforms by being the niece's only pet.


  • Pidsley doesn't appear in Season 3, 4 and 5 as the final episode of Season 2, we wish Ewe a Merry Christmas, Pidsley was given to the Farmer's niece.
  • It is a big wonder why there was no reference to Pidsley in the episode Film Night in season 3 as it has events of the previous episodes.
  • Pidsley's design changed in the second season along with Bitzer.
  • The Pigs, Pidsley and the Farmer are the main antagonists of the show (despite the Farmer being semi as he is also a protagonist). But they were been outranked by Trumper, Hector and Agent Red. Plus among the three, Pidsley doesn't appear in the movie as he was given to the Farmer's niece.
  • Pidsley was like Lots-O' Huggin' Bear in the episode, Operation Pidsley. This is because they betrayed the heroes despite they saved them. Lotso left Woody and his friends to die despite Woody saved him from being shredded while Pidsley still wants to expose that the flock and Bitzer were partying in the house despite Shaun saved him from being stuck in great height. 


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