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Pie (Sardon in the 4Kids dub) is one of the main antagonists of Tokyo Mew Mew. He is one of the aliens who have come to Earth to reclaim it.


Pie comes to Earth with Tart, after Quiche. He, like the other aliens, wishes to reclaim Earth from the humans in order for their people to live there once again. He trusts their leader, Deep Blue, more than his companions and is the last to betray him during the final battle.


Pie is tall and pale with light purple hair, indigo eyes and large pointed ears. He is the most muscular of his companions and appears to be the oldest of the three. His hair is mostly short with one long section tied next to his face with green bands. He wears a sleeveless gray top and pants with purple fabric around the neck and covering his stomach. The same purple fabric also covers his forearms. There are also two long ribbons coming from the top of his pants. His lower legs have green wrappings and his shoes are black.


Pie does not usually show many of his emotions, making his outward personality cold and analytical. He often calculates a "mortality rate" during battle, which likely means he views his battles as experiments. He is very serious about his mission to reclaim Earth and serve Deep Blue.

Powers and Abilities

Pie is very intelligent is careful with his plans before acting. Like the other aliens, he can fly, teleport, create dimensional portals, and create Chimera Animas. He wields a large fan that allows him to create powerful wind, electric, and ice attacks.