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Pierce Washington is the anti-hero and supporting character in Saints Row 2, and a major character in Saints Row: The Third and a major character in Saints Row IV.

He was voiced by Arif S. Kinchen, who also voiced Dexter Jackson in Saints Row 2.  


Joining The Saints

Pierce joined the Saints along with Carlos and Shaundi. He and Shaundi help the Boss against The Brotherhood. Pierce makes a brief appearance in the game's second DLC, in which he is talking to Eric Gryphon about getting the Saints protection, because Dex, now head of Ultor Security, wants him dead.

Pierce decides they need to start taking over Steelport. They went on to buy a Friendly Fire from the Morningstar through ownership deeds, an apartment building, and then cleared two Gang Operations, as well as picking up some sex dolls,

Shaundi storms out and leaves Pierce, Zimos, and The Protagonist at the party. Pierce was almost killed by a hooker assassin with his own gun, being saved by The Protagonist and the three repel the attack. He later helps to rescue prostitutes from the Morningstar boat by helicopter.

Conflict with STAG and the Deckers

He helps in defending the Saints HQ from STAG. When Shaundi is captured by Kia, the Boss comes up with a plan and so Pierce and Viola are taken by the Boss disguised as Cyrus Temple to the Thermopylae as prisoners. Both are taken away to be processed by a soldier, and The Protagonist agrees to avoid detection, but angering Pierce in the process and earning him a butt from the soldier's rifle, sneering at The Protagonist as he was taken away. The Protagonist successful finds all 3 after being detected and escapes from the Thermopylae, destroying the ship in the process, although angering STAG and makes them instate martial law.

Conflict with STAG and the Luchadores

Pierce fights alongside Oleg and the Boss in taking down STAG and the Luchadores around the city until The Protagonist gets called by Kia about blowing up the Steelport state.

Pierce called out that "You can't make it to both and you can't let Shaundi die. Fuck Killbane" After saving Shaundi, Pierce is with The Protagonist and Shaundi. After STAG is forced to leave, Pierce asks The Protagonist "We go back to bangin' in Stilwater?", but The Protagonist simply states "Not yet" and Pierce is last seen filming Gangstas in Space, which he stated enthusiastically to The Protagonist at the start of the mission[36] that they going to be doing a movie shoot for it. 

The Trouble with Clones

He first appears with The Protagonist at Smiling Jack's dinner as Jimmy tells them he has cloned Johnny Gat, naming him Johnny Tag. Telling Jimmy that the Professionals will handle it, he joins Pierce and The Protagonist keep the police and Steelport Guard busy as they chase the cloned Gat through the streets of Steelport in Jimmy's mom's car until Gat brings down part of a bridge, blocking their way. Distraught the Saints say they'll never catch "Tag", however, Jimmy reassures them that he has a plan.

The plan which is taking place at the various Planet Saints in the city. Whilst The Protagonist must ward off excited fans using the Swarmitron, a weapon that fires bees, Pierce sings "Bounce Like My Checks". 

The Protagonist is able to take out the Steelport Guard on the group before climbing aboard a Saint's helicopter and destroying the remaining troops attacking the bridge. Joining Pierce atop the bridge, The Protagonist, with Pierce's assistance, manages to convince the cloned Gat that they are his friends.

Saints Row IV

Pierce becomes part of a task force team allied with MI6 agents Asha Odekar and former enemy Matt Miller to assassinate Cyrus Temple at his middle eastern compound and prevent him from launching a nuke and destroying the United States. The Protagonist kills Cyrus and manages to dismantle the nuke in midair and destroy it before it could reach the United States.

Saving the US earned the Saints adoration of the public, and the Protagonist was elected as President of the United States and they assigned the rest of the Saints roles at the White House (renamed White Crib), with Pierce becoming the communications director. Five years following Temple's assassination, Pierce is concerned over the Protagonist's falling approval ratings and the Protagonist showing lack of seriousness that he was no longer popular with the America people due to making controversial claims. Shortly after their talk, an alien empire known as the Zin, led by Zinyak, attack the White House and abduct the Saints members, with Pierce being kidnapped alongside Benjamin King.

Pierce is placed into his own personal nightmare simulation by the Zin, in which he is attacked by Saints Flow cans at a recreated version of their old penthouse back in Steelport. The Protagonist enters the simulation to rescue Pierce, and helps him defeat a massive can known as "Paul" by taking control of a statue from Magarac Island. Following Pierce's rescue, he is shocked to be informed by the Protagonist that the earth has been destroyed by Zinyak. Pierce begins to reside on a stolen Zin ship with the rest of the Saints, helping them plan Zinyak's defeat.

Pierce and Shaundi form a team to help the Protagonist carry out his task infiltrating Zinyak's ship. When the Protagonist faces off with Zinyak and battles with him, Pierce and the rest of the Saints arrive in ships and assist the Protagonist. The Protagonist successfully wounds Zinyak and kills him by ripping his head off. The Protagonist takes over the Zin Empire and sits upon Zinyak's thrown, which leads to the creation of the "Zin Empire".

Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix

In an alternative take of the Zin invasion, Pierce is shown to be the mayor of Steelport following the "Kill Killbane" ending from Saints Row: The Third. When Zinyak and his forces attack Steelport, the Protagonist makes his way to Mayor Washington's office to get his assistance after Pierce discovers Zinyak's location. The pair use a tank to fight their way through Zin vehicles and arrive at the Syndicate tower, which has been turned into a Zin fortress, allowing the Protagonist to face off with Zinyak and easily kill him.

After Zinyak's death, an AI known as The Dominatrix abducts the Saints and imprisons them in a virtual Steelport.

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