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Pierre le Pieu is an antagonist in the 1998 film Ever After: A Cinderella Story. He is a self-styled/entitled businessman and has a castle and a coat of arms. He is also invited to the ball, indicating that he has a title, although it is not mentioned in the film.

He was portrayed by Richard O'Brien, who also played The Ink Thief in the 1994 CITV show of the same name.


He is also shown to be a rather pompous and lecherous individual. Whenever Pierre was in the town market, he would often try to woo Danielle, much to her annoyance and disinterest. When Prince Henry rejected Danielle, Pierre and Rodmilla came to an agreement where it was discovered that she had been selling Auguste's possessions to Pierre to pay off her debt.

Wanting Danielle for himself and for Rodmilla to be rid of her, he agrees to give the items back in exchange for Danielle. He had her captured and chained at his estate to prevent her from running away. Though she remained adamant towards him, Pierre mentioned that he once had a horse as spirited and willful as Danielle but just needed to be "broken." When he made sexual advances towards her, Danielle was quick to defend herself. She threatened to kill him unless he released her. In fear of his life, he freed Danielle and is never seen again.


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