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Uh... ... ... The name's Piers. It's too bad we can't Dynamax our Pokémon in Spikemuth, but you could say we have a more authentic style of Pokémon battles. And I plan on showin' that off. And well... I have a younger sister, and she's got way more talent than me. But until she's old enough to become Gym Leader, I'll keep rockin' with my crew and make sure Spikemuth stays lively!
~ Piers

Piers is one of the two secondary antagonists of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield (alongside Oleana). He is Marnie's brother and Spikemuth's gym leader.


Although he is a gym leader, he lacks the Power Spot other gym leaders have, and as such, not many people visit his town. Using Team Yell to impede other trainer's progress to have his sister win the Gym Challenge, he is fought in his town of Spikemuth, after Marnie lets the player inside after he closed the gate to the city. After the player makes it through the city and his grunts, they make it to the back of the city, where Piers singing. After challenging the player to a battle and losing, he shares his desire for her to take his place as a Gym Leader after the Gym Challenge is over, as he prefers to play music. Although Marnie originally refuses this as she prefers to be the Champion, after she is defeated in the Champion Cup, Piers retires from his place as Gym Leader with Marnie taking his place. Piers also assists the player in getting to Rose Tower and in the post-game mission, helping the player defeat the rouge Dynamax Pokémon.


Although Piers is the leader of an evil team and seems to be a standard depressed teen at first, Piers is a surprisingly kind person to people who take care of others. He deeply cares about Marnie, even founding Team Yell just for her to win the Gym Challenge. Piers also says his planned tactics before he uses them in his Gym Battle, and prefers his career as a song-writer and singer compared to being a Gym Leader.




  • Piers is the first Dark type Gym Leader in the Pokémon series.
    • Piers is also the second Gym Leader who is also an antagonist in the main series, following Giovanni.
  • Piers caught Marnie's Morpeko when she was five years old.
  • Piers, despite being a Gym Leader, has his own music track when the player fights him.
  • Piers' Obstagoon gets its own cutscene when it uses Throat Chop.
  • Piers is the only Gym Leader in Galar to not Dynamax his Pokémon during battle. This is because Piers dislikes Dynamaxing Pokémon and is why he refuses to move to an actual Gym. Even when he is fought in Champion Cup rematches, Piers will still not Dynamax his Pokémon.


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