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*He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
*He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.
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{{Samurai Jack Villains}}

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Bang bang, banggity bang bang!!!
~ The Pig Sheriff's famous catchphrase.

The Pig Sheriff is a insane bounty hunter who speaks in a gibberish pattern with a New Orleans accent and a minor antagonist in Samurai Jack.

He was voiced by the famous voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson.


He is an anthropomorphic, stout pig, who wears sunglasses, a brown suit with a sheriff badge, has leather colored skin, has pointed teeth, and, of course, a pig snout.


The pig sheriff has a shotgun that earlier on the bridge shot out handcuffs, but later shot pellets. The Sheriff Piggy also rides a brown multi-turret tank.


Translated into English:

What's all that about doin' that, when you're here in front? Come on down and on to the right side of this tank or Imma come on over there and keel you! I don't really know or dun care bout none'athat so dun broke it, so y'all go faster!
~ The Pig Sheriff
Imma rightta' about need everybody out and back here at zero oh thray. GO!
~ The Pig Sheriff to his henchmen.
Get right dun on bout there and go dun circle them selves!
~ The Pig Seriff
~ The Pig Sheriff
Ehehehehehe! It's about time we done' end this by now. Eh hue hue, hue hue, hue!
~ The Pig Sheriff



  • He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


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