Bang bang, banggity bang bang!!!
~ The Pig Sheriff's famous catchphrase.

The Pig Sheriff is an insane bounty hunter who speaks in a gibberish pattern with a New Orleans accent and a minor villain in the animated Samurai Jack.

Seeking tremendously rich reward from the malevolent Aku for the apprehension of the fugitive identified as Samurai Jack (dead or alive), this eccentric mercenary led a team of other bounty hunters to track him down with hesitation and without mercy.

As the Pig Sheriff and his bounty hunters approached the ancient samurai together with the trash-talking Scotsman, both were in argument over who they were after and failed to keep themselves from being shackled together after the sheriff shoot a metallic shackle that immediately grabbed both of their wrists. After attempting to escape over two different sides of the bridge, Jack slashed at the planks beneath their feet, causing them plummet into the marsh below and the bounty hunters' vehicles to be destroyed in a head-on collision.

Once reaching land, and narrowly escaping from the bounty hunters once again, the two warriors reach an abandoned settlement, where, to his dismay, the Scotsman found a wanted poster of Jack posted on the wall. However this was short lived as the bounty hunters quickly approached, when fruitlessly attempting to hide the pair attempted to attack their predators, although they had settled their differences, Jack and the Scotsman could not fight to their full extent and after dispatching a philosophical notion in regards to how a bow and arrow work in conjunction yet not separately. Once seeing an opportunity, the two escaped their shackles by jumping in between the giant bullet fired at them, shattering their chains. Finally released, the formidable pair showcased their abilities by destroying their assailants easily, though the Pig Sheriff in his hubristic boasting had them closed with a hi-tech cannon aiming at the 2 combatants, he then pressed the button and yet the cannon backfired. With the battle over and the bounty hunters defeated, Jack and the Scotsman had a newfound respect for one another unfortunately however due to it each man insisting on buying the other a drink, this sparked the beginning of their rivalry and friendship.

It is unknown how the past Aku's destruction affected existence of the Pig Sheriff and his fellow bounty hunters.


He is an anthropomorphic, stout pig, who wears sunglasses, a brown suit with a sheriff badge, has leather colored skin, has pointed teeth, and, of course, a pig snout.


The pig sheriff has a shotgun that earlier on the bridge shot out handcuffs, but later shot pellets. The Sheriff Piggy also rides a brown multi-turret tank.


Translated into English:

What's all that about doin' that, when you're here in front? Come on down and on to the right side of this tank or Imma come on over there and keel you! I don't really know or dun care bout none'athat so dun broke it, so y'all go faster!
~ The Pig Sheriff
Imma rightta' about need everybody out and back here at zero oh thray. GO!
~ The Pig Sheriff to his henchmen.
Get right dun on bout there and go dun circle them selves!
~ The Pig Seriff
~ The Pig Sheriff
Ehehehehehe! It's about time we done' end this by now. Eh hue hue, hue hue, hue!
~ The Pig Sheriff



  • He was voiced by legendary voice Kevin Michael Richardson.


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