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The Pig in a Blanket is a one-time villain from the 2016 reboot of the Cartoon Network animated series, The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Power Up Puff". He is a giant mutated pig, wearing croissant dough like a onesie, that went rogue and terrorized Townsville.


In "Power Up Puff", The Powerpuff Girls watched a cooking show called "Sliced", wherein a scientific cook naked Chef Schnitzel was making a molecularly altered pig in a blanket, which he would be presenting on the show. On the show, before the judges could eat it, the pigs in blankets started mutating into a giant, anthropomorphic pig in, wearing an adult onesie made out of croissant dough.

The Pig in a Blanket broke out of the studio and started terrorizing the city, destroying buildings with a happy and gleeful attitude. The Powerpuff Girls were quick to show up on the scene since they were watching the entire thing happen on TV. Bubbles refused to harm it, as she thought it was cute, while Buttercup went right in to attack it. However, the pig's big bouncy blanket led to Buttercup bouncing right off of it and smashing into a building. Buttercup tried and failed to hurt the pig but all she would do is bounce off and crash into buildings. Buttercup eventually got so angry, that she created her first aura of hardened energy, which only threw her off.

Blossom flew in to help Buttercup and started punching the pig in the blanket in the belly until he started giggling. The pig thought Blossom was playing with him and grabbed her like a doll. Buttercup, who was still trying to control her newfound powers, made a missile launcher out of her focused energy aura and fired missiles at the pig but all of them missed.

Bubbles suddenly gained the focused energy aura as well and immediately started using it to transform into adorable animals, which caught the pig's attention. As Bubbles played with her new powers, Buttercup and Blossom scolded her, telling her to get back to the mission. Bubbles had the idea to turn into a kitten to distract the pig in the blanket and the pig happily walked over to her to pet her.

While the pig was distracted with Bubbles, Buttercup used her energy aura to create a giant fist, which she flew straight into the face of the pig, landing her first effective attack on the pig, while properly using her new power with ease. When Buttercup punched the pig in a blanket, she caused him to fly across the town, crash through multiple buildings, and eventually crash land on the ground, where he exploded into a bunch of regular pigs in blankets that rained down on Townsville, meaning that he died.