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Pigiron is mostly the main antagonist in the 1985 action film Savage Dawn. He is portrayed by William Forsythe, who also played Flattop Jones in the 1990 film Dick Tracy, Richie Madano in the 1991 film Out for Justice, Ronnie White in the 2007 remake of Halloween and as Buster Dawkins in the 2005 TV series Masters of Horror in the 2007 episode "We All Scream for Ice Cream".

Pigiron is the leader of a biker gang known as the "Savages". He along with Meatrack, Spyder, Zero, and the other Savages travel and cause trouble whereever they go. They would end up at a small Texas town called Aqua Dulce where they stop at a bar called the Tomkat. A contest is going on, a fight to see who can beat Deputy Joe Bob, the deputy of the town and win $500. Pigiron makes a challenge and insults Deputy Joe Bob and has Zero fight Joe Bob. Meatrack and Spyder recognizes one of the patrones at the bar, Ben Stryker, who they encountered at a gas station in the desert. Pigiron tells them "you don't want to fuck with him". Deputy Joe Bob and Zero fight it out and Zero was losing the fight. Pigiron and the rest of the Savages are watching the fight and Pigiron notices Rachel, the waitress at the bar looking at him cause she likes him. Pigrion goes up and punches Joe Bob out. Rachel declares Zero the winner, but the bar owner takes back the money cause Pigiron interfered.

The Savages are about to start trouble and the Sheriff arrives and points his gun at the Savages, Joe Bob gets a shotgun. The sheriff has the Savages leave and they hold Zero to let them know how serious they are. Pigiron threatens them that they will be back and deal with them all. Rachel wants to join up with Pigiron and he lets her and they ride off. Later on, Pigiron, Meatrack, Spyder, Joyboy, and a few others try to mess with Fran, a girl that Danny Rand is seeing. Danny messes with them and Pigiron has Danny tied up with a rope and dragged by a bike. Ben Stryker saves Danny. Pigiron tells Stryker it is now personal now and rides off.

Later on that night, Pigiron and Rachel are talking and she wants to see the town go the hell. Pigiron makes a plan to take it over, he has two of the female Savages play girls in distress at a small Army base to pursuade the guards to let them in. Pigiron and a few of the other Savages get in and takes some weapons, a few jeeps and a tank. The Savages ride into town and take over the town and Pigiron frees Zero from his jail cell. Pigiron has the Savages throw a big party. He uses the tank to destroy one of the towers there. Later on, Pigiron catches Reverend Romano, the local priest having sex with Lipservice, one of the female Savages and he tells the reverend that it is alright, taunting him. He has Romano drive to Tick Rand's place and the reverend tries to persuade Tick and Stryker to help them but refuse. Stryker discovers Meatrack and Spyder in the back, Tick and Stryker are pissed and have the reverend leave.

Pigiron and the rest of the Savages have taken over Aqua Dulce.

Pigiron does not know is that Tick Rand, along with his son, Danny, daughter Katie are getting ready to fight back with the help of a few townspeople. Tick has some weapons he made cause of his skills in the Army. Katie would distract Pigiron by telling him he wants him and Rachel gets pissed off and her and Katie would fight. Pigiron loves a good cat fight, while being distracted, Tick, Danny, Willie, Willie who is mentally challenged got his doll cut up by one of the Savages. The gas station gets blown up by the fire with the bag of gasoline in it cause of Danny. Tick puts a grenade in Willie's doll and has him throw it into one of the machines the Savagages are driving. A man on a motorcycle rides in; it is Stryker. A grenade is thrown into the tank, it goes out of control, and runs over Rachel. Pigiron is angry, so he shoots Tick with a machine gun. Stryker runs over, and Tick dies. Stryker now wants revenge for the death of Tick, so he kills some of the "Savages". Pigiron and Stryker meet up, they fight, and Stryker kills Pigiron with the tank's small rocket launcher.

Pigiron gets blown away by Ben Stryker.