The Pigouts are the main antagonist of the Dragon Hunters episode Desperately Seeking Zoria. They are a giant swarm of piranha-like, razor-teethed dragons who kill everything they see. They terrorize an entire sky-island and force the remaining survivors to take shelter inside an abandoned monastery.


After Jeanneline, the owner of the Snoring Dragon Inn, is told that her daughter Zoria died she sends the Dragon Hunters to look for her. They eventually arrive on a large sky-island where they are immediately attacked by a giant swarm of Pigouts. The Dragon Hunters run off, pursued by the swarm, and eventually reach a fortified monastery. They are allowed to enter, but are then imprisoned by the inhabitants, who have grown desperate as the Pigouts prevent them from leaving the building and their food resources are dwindling. After finding out that the Dragon Hunter's are friends with Zoria, whom the inhabitants have also captured because the Pigouts were not attacking her, they torture Gwizdo by tickling him to loosen Zoria's tongue. However, Zoria has no idea why the swarm did not attack her. Gwizdo eventually reveals that they are Dragon Hunter's and strikes a deal with the inhabitants.

With Gwizdo remaining in the hands of the people in the fortress to ensure that the Dragon Hunter's do not merely run off, Lian Chu, Zoria and Hector set out alone to defeat the swarm. The two dragon hunters separate and Lian Chu eventually stumbles onto the swarm. Although he manages to fend them off with his sword, he is eventually driven over a cliff. Before the swarm can finish him, Zoria appears and attacks the Pigouts. She slices many of them with her sword, causing the deceased dragons to disperse into smoke. Interestingly, the dragons do not attack Zoria and even flee from her. Surprised, the two Dragon Hunters and Hector return to the fortress.

As they return empty-handed, the inhabitants intend to continue torturing Gwizdo, who decides that he would rather face the dragons and runs into the forest. Inside the forest, he is swiftly found and hunted by the swarm. Although they eventually get close, they keep their distance, the same as with Zoria. Surprised, Gwizdo looks to the ground and finds Zoria's dragon tooth necklace. He realises that the Pigouts are afraid of dragon teeth and returns to the monastery, using his newfound knowledge to free his friends. The inhabitants also pay him a lot of money for the necklace, so the Dragon Hunters are able to return home with a large amount of gold.


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