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The Pigs are some of the main antagonists of Aardman animated show Shaun the Sheep, the secondary antagonists of Shaun the Sheep: The Movie and minor characters in Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas. They are the pigs of the Farmer and the germs to the Flocks.


The pigs are naughty and dimwitted thieves who have different goals depending on the episode. They like to bully the flock. They always cheat the Farmer especially that one pig cheats the Farmer to make them in charge of the farm in "Pig Trouble". They like to enslave flock in "Pig Trouble". They are also weird pigs as they own a car (in "The Big Chase") and a plane (in "Pigs Will Fly"). They are jealous of the Flock, plus being the germs of their lives. Plus they are also very funny also like in "Pig Trouble" they dance in their underwear. Plus they are irresponsible. Plus they want luxuries.


The pigs have a light design and a curved one during the first season. Their design partially changed where they look better and have big snouts. They have black dot as eyes. Plus their tails are shaped like cork openers.


Shaun the Sheep

In the show, the pigs act as germs to the flock. They mostly bully the flock and they get into lots of fights. Plus tehy get into comical but also well-deserved defeats.

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Here the Pigs are secondary antagonists (though they have a small role) where first they laugh at Shaun when he was sheered. Then they take over the Farmer's house and made a mess of the place. Following Trumper's defeat, when everyone comes back, the pigs left.

Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas

The pigs serve as minor characters in the short. The pigs were playing a game, when Shaun, Hector, Raul and Fernando crash into their sty, the pigs run for their lives.


  • The pigs are similar to Green Pigs.
    • Both are dimwitted and thieves.
    • Both have their own home.
    • Both bully the flock.
    • Obviously, they are pigs.


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