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Pili is Chatana's talking pet weasel. They were freed by Ash and Esteban, he becomes a supporting antagonist of the third season of the Disney Junior TV show Elena of Avalor.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Pili is very loyal to Chatana and seem to always be ready for a fight. He also appears uncaring as he didn't care that the Chiki Chiki got caught.


Pili makes his first appearance in "The Last Laugh", when he and Chatana are unintentionally released by Elena and Mateo. Pili's ready to exact revenge, but Chatana quiets him saying they must find her diadem.

Later on, Chatana and Pili join forces with Ash and Esteban.

In "Giant Steps", they recruit Tziloco into their group. Pili also expresses a dislike for Chatana's strongest monster Kizin, and is not deterred by the group's failure to have him join them.

In "Coronation Day", Pili is still with the rest of Ash's villainous group when she declares her intention to free the Shadows of the Night, whom Chatana and Tziloco manage to unravel are imprisoned in the gateway to the Spirit World that is near Nueva Vista. Esteban teleports them there, but just as Ash is about to release the Shadows, the group is confronted by Elena and her friends. After Princess Isabel shrinks a giant jellyfish monster Chatana created, Pili attempts to spit fire at her, only to be frozen into an ice statue by Mateo and taken to Avalor alongside Chatana and Tziloco to be imprisoned in the dungeon.



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