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Pili is Chatana's talking pet weasel. They were freed by Ash and Esteban, he becomes a supporting antagonist of the third season of the Disney Junior TV show Elena of Avalor.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Pili is very loyal to Chatana and seem to always be ready for a fight. He also appears uncaring as he didn't care that the Chiki Chiki got caught.


Pili makes his first appearance with in "The Last Laugh", when he and Chatana unintentionally released by Elena and Mateo. She sends her Chiki-Chiki to distract them while they escape. Pili's ready to exact revenge, but Chatana says they must find her golden diadem first. The Chiki-Chiki ends up getting captured by Elena, Mateo, and Naomi, and while Chatana does mourn his loss for a moment, she gets over it once Pili points out that she can simply make another one.


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