Looks like I really belong backstage!
~ Final words before Death.

The Pin Spot Shadow is a pin spot-themed Shadow Monster and is the main antagonist in episode 25 of 2014 TV series called Ressha Sentai ToQger.

He is voiced by Issei Futamata who previously voiced KK Esu from Carranger, a Speaker Banki from Go-Onger, Zuboshimeshi from Shinkenger and later voiced an Advanced Yokai Konaki-jiji from Ninninger.


Sent by Z to bring characters from fairy tales to life with his Pinspot Flash in hopes of bringing out some light, Z retreated when the characters came out with backwards personalities caused by Pin Spot Shadows darkness.

Baron Nero then sent the Shadow Monster to destroy the characters with his Six-part Flash hoping to stir up some darkness. He was defeated when Tokkati is encouraged by Ryo Knight, a manifestation of a character inspired by his older brother and by Fairy Tale Collection variation of the Rainbow Rush to finish Pin Spot Shadow off (this is where the 4 fairytale characters that Pin Spot Shadow released finishes him off). An enlarged Pin Spot Shadow is then destroyed by BuildDai-Oh Tank and ToQ-Oh Build.

Pin Spot Shadow was brought back as a ghost by Tombstone Shadow, alongside Jack-in-the-box Shadow and Fence Shadow to back him up in his giant battle against the ToQgers.

He was destroyed again alongside Fence Shadow by ToQ-Oh Car Carrier Tank's Car Carrier Tank Shoot.



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