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The Pinch In Out Dagames is the main antagonist in episode 31 of 2020 TV series called Mashin Sentai Kiramager. The Pinch In Out Dagames is a Hand and Tablet-themed Dagames-Type Jamen Beast of the Dark Empire Yodonheim.


The Pinch In Out Dagames made its first appearance in the city as it began destroying the buildings leaving both Juru and Takamichi to bring out Kiramazin and GigantDriller to battle this monster. At first they'll finish the monster quickly, but when it used its ability on a stop sign it has grown to the size of a kaiju to stop them in their tracks and then it used its ability once again shrinking our heroes and the mechas to the size of toys. If you want to know why they were shrunken to this state it was all part of Yodonna's plan to eliminate the team.

A while later the princess played a footage of the initial fight at the beginning of the episode between the mechas and the Pinch In Out Dagames where it used its ability and shrunk the mechas to the size of toys and as for the Dagames well since it used up its ability just to shrink them it went underground to get some rest giving the team this opportunity to find their shrunken comrades.

A while later with the Pinch In Out Dagames fully rested it resumed its rampage and without the mechas battling this monster at human size won't be easy kind a like DD Donmo when he battles against RV Robo at his size when they're stopping him with his missile delivery system. Back with the boys they used their weapons against the Dagames, but it withstood against the attack.

A while later the Pinch In Out Dagames used its ability and shrunk the building and the car to the size of toys as well. Thankfully with the Kiraful Go Arrow was back to its regular sized the princess summons her father aka Grateful Phoenix to aid in the fight against the Pinch In Out Dagames despite using it's shrinking ability. A while later the Pinch In Out Dagames was then destroyed by this finisher called Grateful Prominence thus all of those objects that were either grown to giant size or shrunk to the size of a toy were back to normal.


  • The Pinch In Out Dagames' ability is similar to Togeno Aves (While equipped with a specific piece from the Lupin Collection) from 2018 TV series called Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger.
  • The way it shrinks and grows things makes it similar to Loupe Shadow from 2014 TV series called Ressha Sentai ToQger.
    • There is a difference between the 2:
      • Pinch In Out Dagames can use one side of his head to shrink items and use one side of his head to grow items that appear on the video of the Tablet of his 2 Jamen's.
      • Loupe Shadow only requires using the large Monocle Lens on the right side of his head but he must place whatever he is shrinking or growing behind the lens in order for his powers to work.


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