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Villain Overview
Oh Pink. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...
~ Blue Diamond, showing signs of sorrow towards Pink Diamond.
Why not? You have so many worlds and I don't even have one! It's not fair! I want ONE! I want my own ARMY! I want my own PLANET! I deserve it! I'm just as important as YOU!
~ Pink Diamond to Yellow Diamond at the Jungle Moon Diamond Base.
No one can ever find out we did this. I never want to look back. So, for my last order to you as a Diamond, please, let's never speak of this again. No one can know.
~ Pink Diamond to Pearl about faking her own death.

Pink Diamond is a major posthumous antagonist and character in Steven Universe. She is a former member of the Great Diamond Authority who decided to turn Earth into a colony for Homeworld. However, it is later revealed that, after coming to admire Earth's life and people, she decided to turn against the interests of Homeworld to protect it. Upon doing this, she faked her death and took up the identity of Rose Quartz; one of the main protagonists of the series and the mother of the titular character. 

She is voiced by Susan Egan in her actual speaking voice, and by AJ Michalka while in a flashback from "Jungle Moon".


Pink Diamond:

Pink Diamond had pink skin, magenta eyes with diamond-shaped pupils, and shoulder-length yet large, fluffy pale pink hair. She also appeared to wear lipstick. Her physical form's projection was smaller than the other Diamonds, but she still towered over lower-ranking Gems. Her gemstone was located on her navel and displayed in a large pentagon-shaped opening, being an inverted-side view of a round-cut diamond.

Pink Diamond wore a rose-burgundy top which was cropped in the middle to reveal her midriff and gem with large puffy pink-and-white shoulder pads and rose gloves. She also wore a small pink and white skirt, short puffy rose-pink pants, white stockings and a pair of pink slippers with white pom poms floating over each of them.

Regeneration (Debut)

As stated by Steven in "Now We're Only Falling Apart", Pink Diamond reformed permanently as Rose Quartz after she was poofed during her fake shattering making Rose her true "default" form. This was reiterated in "Change Your Mind" when after White Diamond removed Steven's Gem it cycled through Pink Diamonds form then Rose Quartz before forming into Pink Steven. This also shows that Pink Diamond has only regenerated once in all her existence.


Rose Quartz had very long, and curly pink hair styled in thick, tube-like ringlets. She also had defined lips with a pale pink color, bright-peach skin, and a taller and heavier build than the other Crystal Gems, due to being a quartz. In "Story for Steven", she was shown to be similar in height to Garnet and stood at eight feet. In "Lion 3: Straight to Video", she was shown to have had black eyes. Rose wore a strapless, floor-length, lilac and snow trimmed, tiered white and in some appearances a white and pink dress that had multiple layers which resembled the petals of a rose and had a star-shaped cutout in the navel area showing her gem. She was also barefoot.


Pink Diamond:

Pink Diamond appeared to have acted very much like a spoiled child when around. According to Stevonnie's "Diamond Dream", Pink would frequently demand that Yellow Diamond give her a colony and armies to command and be treated as if she were important like the other Diamonds. Pink was also very short-tempered as when Yellow told her to act like she was important, she responded by punching a part of the windowed dome that was on top of the moon base. 

However, as it turns out, she came to care for life on Earth and faked her shattering to become Rose Quartz, showing that she was actually kind and caring. As Rose Quartz, she was a very kind individual who earned the love, respect, and adoration of many of her fellow Crystal Gems. However, she imprisoned Bismuth, one of her fellow Crystal Gems, when she discovered her new invention and Bismuth's desire to shatter all enemy gems and lied to the rest of the Crystal Gems about her fate.

She believed the other Diamonds never cared for her at all because despite her multiple attempts to get them to leave Earth, they never listened to her. So she had Pearl keep the secret that she was Rose Quartz all along, showing her slightly more insensitive side and her inability to see the love her fellow Diamonds had for her and the pain she caused when she faked her death.

In the Steven Universe Movie, Pink Diamond's immaturity and more inconsiderate nature is shown with her playmate, Spinel. Unlike Pearl or other gems, Pink Diamond didn't seem to view Spinel as a true individual, but almost like an object to amuse her. Although she appeared to appreciate Spinel at first, Pink Diamond gradually became more indifferent and even irritated at Spinel's constant jubilance and attached nature. This indifference grew enough that after Pink Diamond was told she would have her first colony, she didn't hesitate in abandoning Spinel at the garden for 6,000 years, lying that it was just a game. What's more, she never bothered to retrieve her or bring her to Earth for several thousand years, demonstrating how little she cared for Spinel. While it's possible that she simply forgot about Spinel, it still demonstrates how little impact Spinel had on Pink Diamond and how little she thought of her playmate.


A natural leader, Rose Quartz is indicated to have had a caring and loving personality. According to Bismuth, Rose was an atypical kind of Gem; rather than living in accordance to her Gem caste's values, Rose chose to be different and encouraged other Gems to be, too. Her doctrine was that Gems can take control of their own identities and that her race's limited display of individuality is a conviction forced upon them. In the same manner, Rose had shown displeasure towards the Gems' traditions and natures; in "Greg the Babysitter", she got somber when reflecting on Gems' static existences, and in "Story for Steven" she admitted that she never missed her home. This discontent sparked her interest in humans, who are always changing and redefining themselves.

In "An Indirect Kiss", she is described as feeling great sorrow when her loved ones were hurt. Her capacity for empathy led her to establish the Rebellion and the Crystal Gems, and extended even to her enemies; as documented in "Bismuth", Rose values her enemies' lives just as much as her allies'. She is also said to see beauty in everything "no matter how gross", showing that she treats everyone as equals. In "The Return", it is revealed by Jasper that Rose Quartz was a masterful tactician, a crucial skill that earned her renown. Despite her role, in "Story for Steven", she was seen to have (at least to the knowledge of the Crystal Gems and Greg) a personality greatly resembling that of her son. Rose showed some ambivalence toward her role in the war; when Greg says he knew little about her, she described this as "a good thing." She is described by Pearl and Greg as someone who "always did what she wanted".

Mom saw the beauty in everything! She really loved humans and all human stuff, and also plants and animals and everything on Earth, I think. And she really loved music, and she really loved Dad.
~ Steven, Guide to the Crystal Gems (Steven Universe)

Rose did not fully comprehend the depths of human love in the early stages of her relationship with Greg, seeing that she was very confused when Greg tried to explain the concept of genuine affection. This led Pearl to believe initially that there was not much between Greg and Rose, confronting him with the idea that their "love" was only a phase, and that Greg's novelty would soon wear off. Seeing Rainbow Quartz gave Greg the idea to fuse with Rose, which he had hoped would help them understand each other. When Greg's fusion attempt failed, Rose started laughing at the thought in a way that he considered to be emotionally distant. When asked to talk like a real person, Rose was quick to admit that her sense of love was a facade, and she had no idea how human love worked. Greg and Rose began to talk, deepening their relationship. After their talk, it can be assumed that she had learned from Greg how to be more 'human', in a sense.

As revealed in "Greg the Babysitter" Rose had not just a misunderstanding of human love, but a misunderstanding of humans in general, going so far to think babies and adults were separate species altogether. Upon learning this, she became fascinated with the fact that humans grow, change, and chose what they become, where Gems are pre-destined to be whom they are. It could also be seen that she treats babies and adults the same motherly way, ironic given that she originally believed them to be separate species.

There is another unexplored side of Rose's personality - the legends surrounding her paint her as a ruthlessly efficient warrior and leader of the Crystal Gems who not only commands her fellow Gems in the rebellion but also participates in the fighting and who shattered Pink Diamond. This side of her personality seems at odds with the all-loving, motherly side of her; reflecting perhaps how the beauty of Earth and its lifeforms greatly affected the stern Gem warrior. It is worth noting that it is her compassion that leads her to rebel to protect others, so this behavior is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. In "The Answer", Rose is shown fighting alongside Pearl. She cracks a cocky smile before destroying a Ruby fusion. This would suggest an aggressive side to Rose's personality, which makes sense in light of her Gem type, a quartz. As implied in "Bismuth" however, Rose's nature as a warrior during the war was tempered by a strong sense of righteousness, as she refuses to go to the extent of needlessly killing Gems to win the war against the Gem Homeworld, proving her love for life was stronger than her warrior instincts.

"Bismuth" highlights both her compassionate nature and her capacity for deception in the form of Bismuth. Rose poofed and bubbled Bismuth and did not tell Pearl and Garnet the truth about what happened to her but did it due to Bismuth's development of the Breaking Point and her intentions to use the weapon mercilessly against their enemies during the war. Further examples of her secretive side are shown in "Rose's Scabbard", when Pearl learns Rose did not confide everything to her. Pearl knew nothing of Lion, nor the fact that Rose kept meaningful things in his mane, including Bismuth's bubbled gem. Though speculation in "The Trial" and other supporting evidence suggests that Pink Diamond was shattered by someone else, Rose made sure that history would remember her as being the one responsible. The podcast states that Rose is a "gray" character, who poofed Bismuth for not aligning with her own philosophy as proof to show that Rose did not represent "all things pure."

Rebecca Sugar states in the podcast that Rose protected Amethyst from having to know troubling truths related to Homeworld; she sheltered her from knowing the full truth of her origin and therefore she was not free to build on that aspect of her identity. Both the advantages of freedom and the disadvantages of lack of structure manifested in her. Rose did not want Amethyst to have the restrictions of the Gem society they rejected, but that meant Amethyst did not have the chance to rebel against or choose to follow anything associated with them. Matt Burnett and Ben Levin state that the Crystal Gems had planned to not inform Steven about certain things "for his own good" and out of respect to Rose's wishes. These actions support the idea that Rose's tendency to withhold or hide information may stem from a desire to protect those close to her.

Powers and Abilities

Pink Diamond:

Like all her subjects, Pink Diamond has the standard abilities of a Gem, those including: Enhanced condition, the ability to not age, shapeshifting, and fusion. Said abilities were also shown in her Rose Quartz form.

  • Aura Projection: The Diamonds can project an aura around them that they can control, they can either radiate it from their entire bodies or emit it from specific parts of their bodies, usually their hands. Though not much is known of Pink's aura, Steven was able to use it to convince Blue and Yellow Diamond that he is Pink Diamond reincarnated. Pink's aura manifests itself as a pink, solid shape often just forming a pink outline around the user.
    • Corruption Induction: Bismuth initially believed that Pink Diamond caused the remaining gems on earth to corrupt, so it is possible that she had this power. Though, it could have been Bismuth's hatred for the Diamonds talking.
      • Corruption Reversal: It was revealed that Pink Diamond could reverse the corruption of a gem, since it is something a diamond can do.
  • Gemstone Creation: Pink Diamond is able to create non-sentient gemstones, as well as gemstone shards, with dirt by using her breath and bare hands. She utilized this ability to fake her death by making gemstone shards mimicking her own's appearance.
  • Pebble Animation: As implied in "Familiar", Pink Diamond's tears can turn inanimate pebbles into living Pebbles.


  • Shield Proficiency: In "Change Your Mind", Steven's disembodied gem summons a shield to protect his beloved human counterpart. It is powerful enough to counter and deflect White Diamond's attacks, even harming her. The shield is tinted in Pink Diamond's pink rather than Rose's pink, so it may be possible that this is her original shield, which she might changed in appearance when she became Rose.
  • Enhanced Regeneration: Although Gems can generally reform with minimum variations to their form, Pink Diamond was able to reform permanently with the appearance of a different Gem type without negative repercussions.
  • Spaceship Piloting: Pink Diamond had a spaceship only she was capable of controlling. According to Pearl, she was not a very graceful pilot, at least when it came to liftoff.
  • Juggling: According to Pearl and Steven, Pink Diamond has the skill of juggling balls or bubbles. This was shown in Steven's dream in "Together Alone."


Rose possessed standard Gem abilities, including shapeshifting, weapon-summoning, fusion, bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman strength/durability. She was proficient in both combat as well as military command and strategy, being able to lead the Crystal Gems from the front-lines in a successful rebellion against their Homeworld. As she is not truly a Rose Quartz, she possesses unique abilities those Gems do not have.


  • When fused with Pearl, they form Rainbow Quartz.
  • When fused with Ruby, Sapphire (or Garnet), Amethyst, and Pearl, they form Obsidian.
  • When fused with Amethyst (via Steven), they form Smoky Quartz.
  • When fused with Ruby and Sapphire (or Garnet), they would form a Sunstone.

Natural Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Being a Diamond in disguise, Rose had an immense amount of strength. In "Greg the Babysitter", she destroyed the control panel to a Ferris wheel with a single punch. She was then able to stop the malfunctioning Ferris wheel, and ripped off one of the seats with her bare hands.
  • Enhanced Reflexes/Speed: Despite her size, Rose was extremely fast and agile. She destroyed a Ruby fusion quickly and precisely in "The Answer", as well as ripped off a seat of the Ferris wheel before caught a falling Greg and baby Sour Cream easily.


  • Shield Proficiency: Rose had the ability to summon her shield to protect loved ones. She was capable to summoning it in larger sizes. It is powerful enough to counter the effects of the Diamonds' Corrupting Light on the inviduals inside the shield.
  • Shapeshifting: Rose was adept enough in transformtions to form a female human reproductive system, including a womb for Steven to be born from.
  • High Intellect: Rose was proficient in military command and strategy, able to lead the Crystal Gems from the front-lines in a successful rebellion against their Homeworld. In "The Return", Jasper stated that Rose was a masterful tactician, a crucial skill that earned her renown.

Unique Abilities

The original bearer of the pink diamond gemstone, which is currently in possession of her son/successor, Rose Quartz would have been able to use all the abilities Steven has - and perhaps even more.

  • Empathic Telepathy: According to Garnet, Rose possesed the ability to sense others and connect with them. This power was mainly seen through Steven.
  • Phytokinesis: Rose had the ability to grow sentient and not-sentient flora, which acted as her fighting guardians. The most notable examples are the Magic Spike Vines in "An Indirect Kiss" and her Magic Moss.
  • Healing: Rose manifested her ability to heal through her tears. Her tears could heal broken Gems/gemstones, and heal other creatures of general injuries. In "Bubbled", Eyeball mentions that she heard rumors about how during the Rebellion, Rose used her healing power to keep her Crystal Gem soldiers in contention with Homeworld's superior forces during the Rebellion. In "Monster Buddies", Garnet tells Steven that Rose tried to use her powers to save Corrupted Gems, although she was never able to heal them.
    • Resurrection: In "Lars' Head", it is implied that Rose could also resurrect organic beings, giving them special powers in the process, the most notable example being Lion.
  • Electrical Interference (Possible): In "We Need to Talk", Rose appeared to be able to control Greg's radio based upon her emotion. For instance, when she is shocked, the music stopped. However, like her son, it is unknown if she possessed it or if this was for dramatic effect.
  • Speed of Descent Regulation: In "Steven Floats", it is revealed that Rose was able to alter her gravity, allowing her to control the speed of her ascent and descent. She was briefly seen using this power in "Story for Steven". She also used it several times in "Greg the Babysitter".


  • Rose's Sword: Rose possessed a great sword that she has used during battle and is currently wielded by Connie Maheswaran as of "Nightmare Hospital". As stated in "Bismuth", the sword was designed by Bismuth for a fair fight, to cut through a Gem's physical form, destroying the body but never the gem. Bismuth calls it her "finest piece of work." It also has its own scabbard. It was later smashed by Blue Diamond in "Reunited".
  • Laser Light Cannon: Rose once owned a cannon that shot a very powerful beam that could destroy an object such as the Red Eye that the Crystal Gems could not destroy on their own. The weapon activates by reciting Greg Universe's favorite catchphrase, "If every porkchop were perfect, we would not have hotdogs." It is currently in the possession of the Gems after retrieving it from Greg's storage unit in the episode "Laser Light Cannon".
  • Rose's Secret Armory: Rose had an armory full of weapons and armor that she keeps secret from the rest of the Crystal Gems, except Pearl. For unknown reasons, Lion knows about the armory and brings Steven and Connie there in "Lion 2: The Movie".


Pink Diamond:

Earth was Pink Diamond's first and only colony. Many Gems were created on this planet including Amethysts, Jaspers, as well as other Quartzes. The other Diamonds constructed a zoo for Pink to keep humans after she expressed to them her desire to preserve Earth's lifeforms. Blue Diamond was also involved in Earth's colonization, arriving on Earth to help fight the Rebellion when it was still only a small problem. Gems regarded Pink Diamond very highly, creating a mural of her at the Earth Moon Base. Pink Diamond also had control over a court which included Agates, Sapphires and her own personal Pearl.

After Pink Diamond was believed to be shattered, the other Diamonds mourned her death in different ways; Blue Diamond fell into a deep depression and sought to preserve everything she could of Pink Diamond while Yellow Diamond developed a simmering rage and instead sought to destroy all reminders of her in an unsuccessful attempt to feel better; it is still unknown how White Diamond reacted to these events. Even thousands of years later many Gems still continue to grieve her loss; Eyeball states that what seemed to have happened to her was a tragedy and Jasper fought the Crystal Gems in the present day in her honor, even choosing to mutate rather than accept help from her supposed killer as a final act of loyalty.

While the Diamonds and older Gems remembered Pink very well, it appeared that in the case of the former they tried to censor anything involving her and her death to Gemkind since newer Gems like "Leggy" and Peridot 5XG were not really aware of Pink Diamond's existence, or by extension that of the Crystal Gems.

Pink Diamond's Zoo in the present day, now owned and operated by Blue Diamond, is the central hub for all things related to Pink. Most of the surviving Gems created on Earth, even the defective ones, help maintain and guard the facility and humans are still kept there under good conditions. In addition, every Rose Quartz gemstone was bubbled and placed in Pink Diamond's chamber inside the Zoo.

Upon arriving on Homeworld, Steven Universe took up residence in Pink Diamond's old room. After learning that Pink Diamond used to throw parties for all Gems, including White Diamond, he adopted her outfit and decided to have a party of his own in order to reason with White.


Statues and wall paintings of Rose can occasionally be found in Gem ruins, indicating she was looked upon respectfully by Gems at one point. This may indicate that she had a high status among her race.

The Crystal Gems often reminisce about Rose, and express their gratitude for her actions; Greg often laments over her departure with seemingly similar reasons. A portrait of Rose hangs over the doorway to the beach house where Steven lives.

While pregnant with Steven, knowing that she could never meet him personally, Rose made a video with the intent of posthumously expressing her love for him.

At one point about 5,000 years prior to the events of the series, Rose leads the Crystal Gems in a rebellious war against the Homeworld Gems on the Gem Battlefield and wins. It is stated by Jasper that although they fought on different sides, she respects the military tactics that Rose used during the war.

As seen in "Story for Steven", the Crystal Gems (excluding Rose) did not wear stars on their outfits at the time that Rose met Greg. This implies that the symbol may have been adopted as a sign of respect and grief for Rose after she gave up her physical form.

Rose left behind a fabricated story of the shattering of Pink Diamond in which she is responsible for it. This version was taken for fact by both sides of the war, which eventually culminated in the use of the Corrupting Light by the Great Diamond Authority.


Ancient History

Pink Diamond was created thousands of years ago. In her early days, Pink was not allowed to carry out the typical duties of an actual Diamond. On one specific occasion, Pink Diamond watched Yellow Diamond send out a fleet of Gems to begin colonizing a planet at the Moon Base orbiting an inhabited planet. Pink was fascinated by the duties of a Diamond but frustrated at the same time since Yellow had so many colonies and she couldn't even have one, prompting the two to argue and yell at each other. The exchange ended with Pink walking away and smashing one of the Moon Base's windows out of frustration. At some point, Pink Diamond was given her own Pearl.

After begging Yellow and Blue Diamond for so long, Pink was eventually allowed to control her own colony: the planet Earth. Pink was in charge of all structures built on Earth as well as Gem production in its Kindergartens.

In the early stages of Earth's colonization, Pink Diamond and Pearl monitored recent progress at the local Moon Base. She remarked to Pearl she didn't know how dull it really was to run a colony and asked her to check the status of the Prime Kindergarten. When Pearl reported the first Quartz soldiers were emerging, Pink excitedly hopped down to the second floor of the base where Pearl activated the base's Observation Orb and transformed the room into the Kindergarten. Initially, Pink was ecstatic by the fact that they were, in her own words "creating life from nothing" but soon wished that she could actually be there and stated she was unable to do so because Yellow and Blue would reprimand her, prompting Pearl to give her the idea of disguising herself as one of the Quartz soldiers, and to do this Pink merely shapeshifted into the appearance of a Quartz and changed the position of her gemstone to expose the bottom instead of the front. In her disguise, Pink and Pearl traveled to the Kindergarten and later began exploring her colony at Pearl's suggestion. She became enthralled by the life on Earth and realized her colony was not creating life, but in her words was "taking life, and leaving nothing behind." Pink pleaded with the other Diamonds multiple times to spare Earth but they refused to actually listen each time, Blue even creating a zoo stuffed full of living humans to preserve some of the life from Earth, so she decided to become a rebel in the form of her Quartz disguise and took up the alias "Rose Quartz".

Pink Diamond created a false origin story for her Rose Quartz self which was that she was another ordinary Quartz created on Earth who fulfilled her duties until becoming fascinated by the organic life on Earth and rebelling against Homeworld to defend it. She had originally planned on driving all Gems out of Earth's vicinity, but after witnessing Garnet's first fusion she decided to make the planet a sanctuary for downtrodden, discontent and outcast Gems and formed the Crystal Gems.

At some point Blue Diamond, with Yellow present scolded and lectured Pink on making excuses about why the colony could not be finished, including claiming the presence of too many organic beings, difficulty in dismantling their civilizations and the growing Rebellion. Blue advised her to simply smile and wave - appearing unfazed by the rebels - and that her Gems would fall back in line.

She would change between being Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond for hundreds of years during the Rebellion, until creating a plan to stage her own death as she wanted to live a new life with humans and the Crystal Gems saying, "...if it is really my world, I want to give it to the Crystal Gems...". From there, Pink Diamond had Pearl shapeshift into the form of Rose Quartz and poof her with "Rose's" legendary sword while making it look like she was shattered by swallowing fake gemstone shards]] made out of small earth chunks mimicking the appearance of her own. Before initiating the plan, Pink Diamond made sure Pearl could never physically speak of what really transpired. Amongst the witnesses of her "shattering" were "Eyeball" and Jasper.

The Gems formerly serving her (i.e., Jasper) were reassigned to the other Diamonds, but regardless still referred to her as "[their] Diamond."

21st Century

While Pink lived a quiet life on Earth as Rose with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, she truly disappeared forever after falling in love with Greg Universe and passing on her Gemstone to their son, Steven, at birth.

Season 3

In "Earthlings", Jasper mentioned Pink Diamond, claiming that she belonged to Pink Diamond and that Rose Quartz did something to her before becoming corrupted as a result of her fusion with one of the Great Northern Gems.

In "Back to the Moon", a Mural depicting what happened to Pink Diamond briefly appears.

In "Bubbled", Garnet explains to Steven why Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond (for Amethyst to be herself and for Pearl to be free.)

Season 4

In "Steven's Dream", Steven enters the mind of Blue Diamond and sees what she is dreaming about (Pink Diamond's Palanquin, which is the place of her shattering). Stevens sets off to find answers and he travels to South Korea with his dad Greg, which is where the broken palanquin is. He finds Blue Diamond right next to Pink Diamond's Palanquin sobbing next to it. Blue Diamond (believing that the Cluster is still going to destroy the planet) ends up "saving" Greg by kidnapping him and taking him to Pink Diamond's Human Zoo.

In "Gem Heist", it is stated by Garnet during Pink Diamond's reign, she stole Humans from their families as trophies to symbolize her reign had begun. The Zoo (a Specimen Containment Building) is used to house humans and other species of Earth.

In "That Will Be All", Blue Diamond went back to Pink Diamond's Zoo because she was still sad and felt she had to spend more time there. Yellow Diamond gets mad because she should move on but Blue Diamond still mourns. She tells Yellow Diamond that she doesn't want to shatter all the Rose Quartzes because they were hers and they, including the Zoo and Earth, are all the memories they have left of her. While Yellow Diamond believes they deserve the same fate and that in her song she states "Wouldn't it be grand to get rid of it all", she wants to avenge Pink Diamond with the Cluster. Yellow Diamond, Yellow Pearl, and Blue Pearl sing Blue Diamond a song to cheer her up but really doesn't work and she wants to save more of Earth's specimens.

Season 5

In "The Trial", Steven (after being kidnapped by Aquamarine and Topaz), goes on trial for shattering Pink Diamond, as the Diamonds believe him to be Rose Quartz. Although Steven simply wants to be deemed guilty (as he would more than likely be so anyway), when Blue Diamond asks "Rose" how she destroyed Pink Diamond, Steven attempts to make up an answer, only for Blue Diamond to yell that she did it with a sword. After the recess break, Blue Zircon then theorizes that Rose Quartz couldn't have shattered Pink Diamond because, by that time, she was a recognized war criminal and Pink Diamond's entourage would have stop Rose Quartz if she got close enough to do so, stating that the only gems that could've shattered Pink Diamond would be another Diamond, causing her and Yellow Zircon to be poofed by Yellow Diamond.

In "Gemcation", Garnet is about to tell a story from the past about Pink Diamond but is interrupted by Steven.

In "Jungle Moon", Stevonnie has a dream that is one of Pink Diamond's memories. Stevonnie, representing Pink Diamond, has a conversation with Dr. Maheswaren, representing Yellow Diamond, on the Jungle Moon Base while Yellow is commanding drop-ships for colonizing. Pink Diamond states that she wants a colony and tries contacting the drop-ships instead. Yellow furiously grabs her arm away, telling her not to touch the panel. Pink angrily retorts that she wants and deserves a planet because she's a diamond too, and Yellow responds that if she's a diamond, she should act like one. Pink angrily walks away from Yellow and towards the glass, and punches it out of anger, revealing her reflection.

In "Your Mother and Mine", Pink Diamond appears in Garnet's flashback. As the diamonds' colonies are being shown, Pink claims Earth.

Later in the flashback, Pink Diamond hears of what Rose Quartz has been saying to other gems about Earth. Pink summons her, asking what she said. Rose pleads to spare the life on Earth, but Pink laughed and told her to return to her post. After Rose started the Crystal Gems, Pink called the other diamonds for help. During the war, when Pink Diamond's forces were beginning to be too strong, Pink Diamond is seen to be shattered by Rose Quartz.

Later in the episode, Steven tells Garnet about his dream of Pink Diamond during "Jungle Moon". He asks if Pink Diamond is still alive if the same thing happened with Blue Diamond. Garnet denies this, saying that his mother shattered Pink.

In "Can't Go Back", Steven has a dream of Yellow, Blue, and Pink Diamond on the Moon Base, where Blue Diamond assures Pink that the Crystal Gems are no big problem to colonizing Earth.

In "A Single Pale Rose", during one of Pearl's flashbacks, it's revealed that Pink Diamond faked her own shattering to start the Rebellion against Homeworld and is Rose Quartz's original form. To do so, she swallowed fake gem shards that resembled her own so that when Pearl shapeshifted as Rose Quartz and poofed her, the fake shards would come out and it would appear as if Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. She also placed a seal on Pearl because she didn't want to talk about it ever again or anyone else to know, before stepping out of her palanquin for the plan to begin.

In "Now We're Only Falling Apart", during one of Pearl's flashbacks, Pink Diamond is shown overseeing her colony with Pearl. Pearl brings up the Amethysts emerging in the Prime Kindergarten, and Pink wishes to go meet them. Blue and Yellow Diamond would not approve of Pink going to the Kindergarten, so Pink decides it would not be wise to go. However, Pearl rhetorically brings up the idea of Rose shapeshifting into Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond does so, and her and Pearl go to the Prime Kindergarten. Rose meets the Amethysts and decides she wants to see more of Earth. Her and Pearl go around the Earth, looking at nature. Towards the end of this endeavor, Rose realizes that the production of gems harms the Earth. From then on, Pink tries to convince Blue and Yellow Diamond to stop the colonization of Earth, but fails in doing so. It was from then Pink decided to rebel, with Pearl by her side. During said rebellion, her and Pearl find out about cross-gem fusion from Garnet, and then attempt to create the first fusion of Rainbow Quartz, which fails. Later on, they meet Garnet, which gives Rose another reason to fight.

In "The Question", Greg was surprised that Ruby told him that Steven found the truth about his mom and knew the last time he fell in love with Rose Quartz and she's fell in love with Mr. Universe and she never told him that she used to be Pink Diamond and he never told her he never used to be Gregory DeMayo.

In "Made of Honor", after Steven tells Bismuth about Rose Quartz's true identity, she plants her face into the Burning Room's lava while screaming and then remarks how everything makes sense now.

In "Reunited", Steven expresses in the song "Let's Only Think About Love" that although a lot of tragic events have happened recently, he would rather the day be focused on Ruby and Sapphire's wedding instead of Pink Diamond.

Yellow and Blue Diamond eventually show up to Earth, and Blue lands on the beach in front of the Temple. She exits her ship, enraged, and asks Rose (Steven) to answer for Pink Diamond's "shattering". Steven begins to explain that he has Pink Diamond's Gem only to be struck by one of Blue's attacks. 

When Yellow poofs Peridot, Steven frantically shouts that he is Pink Diamond only for Yellow to stomp on him. Steven is taken to an astral plane, and is only able to convince the other Diamonds the truth after he unleashes Pink's aura. Steven then regains consciousness, where Blue is in shock that he is Pink.

In "Legs From Here to Homeworld", Yellow and Blue constantly refer to Steven as "Pink". Yellow asks Steven, believing him to be Pink, why she let them believe she was shattered, and why is she doing a strange voice and disguise. Steven explains his existence to Yellow and expresses how he doesn't have any of Pink's memories, only for Yellow to say that she believes her memories are somewhere inside of him.

After witnessing Nephrite's Corrupted form, Yellow asks "Pink" "how many perfectly adequate Gems" did she have them ruin. Blue then scolds Yellow, telling her that Pink has been punished enough, being stuck on Earth for thousands of years with Corrupted Gems.

In Pink Diamond's Ship, Blue tearily remarks how it has been so long since they have been together in Pink's ship.

On Homeworld, White Pearl states that Pink Diamond's "presence is required", and makes it clear that Pink has to come alone. She then transports Steven to White Diamond against his will. White, like Yellow and Blue, believes that Steven is Pink. She calls him "Starlight" and remarks how he (Pink) gave everyone a scare, and is thrilled to see him safe and sound. She refers to the Gem War as "this latest little game", and asks Steven if he had fun, and if he had got it all out of his system. White welcomes "Pink" home, and then dismisses Steven to Pink Diamond's Palace.

In "Familiar", Steven walks around the palace confused and unintentionally stumbles upon Pink's Pebbles. The Pebbles fear him at first, but then believe he is Pink when he thanks them for building what he requested. The Pebbles joyfully hop around and climb on Steven, excitedly cheering that Pink is back. One of the Pebbles even remarks that Pink is just playing one of her games when Steven claims to not know who the Pebbles are.

Pearl then enters the room and asks Steven if White had hurt him. Steven tells her that he doesn't think White knows that he isn't Pink. Yellow Pearl arrives and tells "Pink" that Yellow has requested his presence in the Extraction Chamber. Upon arriving, Steven tells Yellow Pearl to call him by his name instead of Pink Diamond, but she is unable to fathom his request.

Inside the Extraction Chamber, a frustrated Yellow comments how White never lets anyone see her except Pink because her only colony was a failure. After Yellow leaves, Blue Pearl informs Steven that Blue has requested "Pink's" presence. At Blue's Pool Area, Blue comments how "Steven" is a silly and funny sounding name, telling him "you're so creative Pink". Blue then asks Steven if he remembers the time he named a batch of Pyrite "Fool's Gold" to White's dismay, but Steven states that he doesn't recall any of Pink's past. Blue then wonders if Steven remembers the times they played games where Pink would stand under the water and sing while her, Yellow, and White attempted to guess the song. Blue later laments how none of the Diamonds ever wanted to come back to the pool after believing she was shattered, and that her death marked Era 2.

Later at Pink's palace, Pearl tells Steven that Pink used the throw massive balls to celebrate the Diamond's achievements, events where every member of every court would "bask in the presence of all four Diamonds". When Pearl leaves, Steven asks the Pebbles who Pink was, and why the situation he is in feels so familiar. In the song "Familiar", Steven sings about how everyone wants him to be just like Rose, and eventually comes to the realization that he used to be the runt of the Crystal Gems just like how Pink was the runt of the Diamonds. During the song, the Pebbles recreate Pink's attire to fit Steven's proportions.

In "Together Alone", In Steven's dream, Pink Diamond is playing with White Pearl, then Pink Pearl, until Yellow shows up to check on what they are doing. After Yellow confirms that they aren't messing around, she happily leaves. Pink and her Pearl share a laugh until suddenly Pink Pearl fades into darkness which is soon illuminated by White Diamond's presence.

After waking up, Yellow and Blue agree to Steven's idea of throwing a ball because they believe having all four Diamonds together at an event would mark the beginning of Era 3. 

Later at the ball, Gems arrive at Steven's throne, announcing "Pink Diamond" in awe, and telling him that they are honored to be in his presence and to compliment him on being "so radiant and sparkly". 

After being disappointed that White Diamond didn't show up, Steven sits in his throne upset. Connie encourages him to dance with her and takes him onto the dance floor where everyone is staring at them. After Steven gets comfortable dancing, the two accidentally fuse into Stevonnie. Yellow and Blue scold "Pink", and Yellow tells Stevonnie that they have "gone too far", grabbing them throwing them into the Prison Tower.

In "Change Your Mind", Pink Diamond appears at the beginning of the episode in a dream Steven is having. After imprisoning her in the prison tower, Blue scolds her for letting caterpillar-like creatures from a Kyanite colony into the ball, which are now chasing the Pearls down the halls. After one of them shows up in Blue's hair, she throws it away and Pink holds it. Blue tells Pink that if she keeps this up, White will take away her Pearl, and Pink sadly understands.

After White pulls out Steven's gemstone, it morphs into Pink Diamond's form, then Rose Quartz's, and finally a pink version of Steven. When questioned on Pink Diamond's whereabouts, an enraged Steven tells White that she's "gone".



I want to live here with human beings. I want to live here with you! We'll both finally be free.
~ Pink Diamond as Rose Quartz, "A Single Pale Rose"

Pearl was Pink Diamond's servant, though Pink Diamond was informal with her and treated her like an equal and friend. She took Pearl's suggestion to shapeshift into Rose Quartz for a day, showing she valued her opinion. She also complimented Pearl on her intelligence and good ideas. Pink Diamond appeared to be slightly exasperated at Pearl's overly formal nature as well.

In the early days of the Rebellion, Pearl asked Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz) to tell her to stop having her own imagination. Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz) told her to never stop, showing she wanted Pearl to have free will. This moment leads them to almost fuse into Rainbow Quartz. Later, in order to free both of them and live freely on Earth, Pink Diamond asked Pearl to help her stage her own death while making it look like "Rose Quartz" was the culprit.

Steven Universe

Steven is her son, whom she passed her gemstone to. He originally thought Pink Diamond was shattered by his mother "Rose Quartz", not knowing the two were the same person. Steven was shown to be emotionally distraught over the thought that his mother would shatter someone and initially denied it. When he learns that his mother was Pink Diamond, he is relieved that she didn't shatter anyone, but upset by her lies.

Blue Diamond

Oh, Pink. I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I should've done more. Yellow says it'll all be over soon. I wonder what you would think. This is your planet, after all. I still think it is.
~ Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond describes her relationship with Pink Diamond to be "very close" and continues to grieve her death even thousands of years later. During one of Steven's dreams, he observed a conversation between Pink and Blue, with Blue lecturing Pink about not putting excuses as to why Earth's colonization should cease, but also changed her tone and assured her that she should not worry about the Rebellion when Pink was visibly upset. One of Blue Diamond's goals is to preserve as much of Pink Diamond's legacy as possible, including maintaining her Zoo, keeping her "defective" Gems in service, and keeping every Rose Quartz Gem bubbled rather than shattering them, as Pink Diamond had made that type of Gem.
First there were too many organics, and then their cities were too difficult to dismantle, and- and now these Crystal Gems? We're tired of your excuses, Pink!
~ Blue Diamond, "Can't Go Back"

Despite having a very close relationship, their relationship was shown to have an abusive side with Blue often reprimanding Pink for her repetitive impudence to White Diamond's standards: Pink was often locked up by Blue on a tower and was hinted to be attacked more than once in "Change Your Mind". She was further frustrated that Blue showed little support for her desire to stop the colonization of Earth for the sake of the organic life that existed there. Blue's disregard for her wishes led Pink to believe that she didn't truly care about her and even if she was gone, which led to the rebellion and eventually faking her shattering.

Yellow Diamond

♫ Yes, of course, we still love her. And we're always thinking of her. Don't you know I miss her too? ♫
~ Yellow Diamond, "That Will Be All"

Yellow Diamond seems to view her relationship with Pink Diamond as very close, since Yellow admits that she still loves and is always thinking about Pink despite her stern demeanor. As mentioned in "Familiar", Pink always could make laugh to Yellow, but the latter also was envious for the former's relationship with White. Unlike Blue Diamond, Yellow would rather destroy all reminders of Pink to move on.

A small extract of Pink and Yellow Diamond's relationship was shown in "Jungle Moon": While Pink was excited about the colonization process of a new planet, her constant questioning and tantrums began to annoy Yellow, causing her to snap in frustration at Pink. However, Yellow eventually conceded entrusting the colonization of Earth to Pink Diamond and seeking to assist her during the Rebellion. Similarly with Blue, Pink believed Yellow never cared about her: Yellow would always command that all organic life on colonized planets be swept aside in the name of Gems' progress, whereas Pink developed a fondness for the life that already existed on Earth and rebelled against Homeworld for the sake of preserving it. Pink believed that Yellow wouldn't care if she was gone, leading to Pink faking her shattering.


I’ve been fighting since I broke free from the Earth’s crust! Because of what you did to my colony, because of what you did to my planet, because of what you did to my Diamond!
~ Jasper, "Earthlings"
Jasper was one of Pink Diamond's subordinates and remains devoted to avenging her thousands of years after her alleged shattering.


That fusion! We never should've left her there with Blue, who knows what sort of horrible punishment-.
~ Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz), "Now We're Only Falling Apart
Garnet, along with many other Gems, believed Rose's fabricated origin story and thought of Pink Diamond as cruel and a coward. Despite being Garnet's close friend, Rose never revealed to Garnet that she was secretly Pink Diamond. Upon discovering the truth, she is unable to handle the emotional stress and unfuses into Ruby and Sapphire. "Now We're Only Falling Apart" shows that it was Garnet who inspired Pink Diamond to make the Earth a home for outcast Gems.

Amethyst and the Famethyst

Oh wow, look at you! Welcome to Earth.
Amethyst soldier: That is the first, and nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.'
~ Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz), "Now We're Only Falling Apart

Despite her eventual decision to put an end to Kindergarten activities on Earth, Pink Diamond cared deeply for every Gem that was created on it. She was excited to join them while they were going about their duties. When one Amethyst burst out of the ground, she walked up to her as Rose Quartz and joyfully welcomed her to Earth. Her kindness was indeed appreciated, though the Quartz soldiers, not knowing any better, would rudely push their disguised leader aside if she got in their way.

Long after the Rebellion ended and Homeworld was driven off of Earth, a single Amethyst emerged from the Prime Kindergarten and was eventually discovered by Rose and the remaining Crystal Gems. Despite being much smaller than the average Amethyst, the former Diamond welcomed her into their team. Amethyst was assured by Rose that she was fine just as she was.

White Diamond

Based on White Diamond's conversation with Steven, who she believes to be Pink, Pink's relationship with White is similar to a mother or grandmother, receiving the endearing nickname "Starlight". According to Blue Diamond, White became furious when she renamed a group of Pyrites "Fool's Gold". However, she doesn't take Pink seriously and treats her like a child, including her actions on Earth as one of her "games". In "Change Your Mind", White revealed that she sees Pink as her idea of imperfection, whereas she sees herself as perfect. She acts in a cruel manner stating that Pink "makes problems" and insists that she does not believe Pink fits her idea of perfection, but still wants Pink to "be herself". Despite this, White does express anguish at the revelation that releasing Steven's gem would never return Pink to her.

Greg Universe

Well, I fell in love with Rose Quartz and she fell in love with Mr. Universe. Sure she never told me she used to be Pink Diamond, but...(chuckles) I never told her I used to be Gregory DeMayo.
~ Greg, "The Question"

Greg Universe was the romantic partner of Pink Diamond when she was disguised as Rose Quartz. Their relationship was rocky in the beginning since Pink didn't have a clear understanding of romantic relationships, due to being a Gem. However, when Greg tried to fuse with Pink and failed they talked about their feelings towards each other, which brought them closer. Pink technically did fuse with Greg when creating their son Steven (since Steven got his Gem half from Pink and his organic half from Greg).  After Greg found out "Rose" was Pink Diamond in the episode "The Question", he admitted that her former identity didn't change his feelings towards her. He says he fell in love with Rose Quartz, just like how she fell in love with Mr. Universe. Even though Pink is gone, Greg says he misses her every day and is committed to protecting their child.

Ruby (Eyeball)

It was a tragedy what happened to her.
~ Eyeball, "Back to the Moon"

Eyeball was the most prominent eyewitness of Pink Diamond's apparent shattering and refers to it as a tragedy.


Pink is implied to have had a very close relationship with the Pebbles, who were created through her tears. She also treated them well, as the Pebbles take Steven telling them "Thank you" as confirmation that he is Pink. It's also implied that she often joked with them, as one of the Pebbles said "Very funny, Pink" when Steven asks who they are, and another one states that she always played games.

Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl was Pink Diamond's original Pearl before the Crystal Gem's Pearl was given to her. Like with our Pearl, Pink Diamond was informal with her and treated her as a friend rather than a servant. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end when White Diamond took Pink Pearl from Pink Diamond and used her mind controlling abilities on the former, which turned Pink Pearl into her Pearl.


Spinel was Pink Diamond's former playmate. Pink used to love playing games with her and being entertained by her. One day, when pink diamond was more mature, Pink wanted to play a "game" with Spinel, and told Spinel to wait for her return. But Pink didn't return to Spinel, abandoning her.


Pink Diamond owned many structures on Earth and some in space such as the Zoo, which is located near a ringed planet.


  • In gemology, pink diamonds represent love, creativity and romance.
  • Pearl's spacesuit outfit sports a pink diamond in the chest, hinting at Pearl's past affiliation with Pink Diamond.
  • Most of the ancient ruins on Earth have the Pink Diamond symbol, such as the Ancient Sky Arena.
  • She is the shortest of the four Diamonds as well as being the youngest. 
  • She is the only Diamond so far that engages in fusion, despite not being in her true form as a Diamond. She’s also the only Diamond so far who seems to treat her Pearl with respect and equality, though Yellow and Blue Diamond do treat their Pearls kindly on occasion.
  • She is the only Gem so far that can shapeshift for a very long period of time and be able to rotate her gem position to fool others into thinking that she is a Rose Quartz.
  • She is the first diamond as well as the first Gem to rebel against Homeworld.  
  • Before the truth of Pink Diamond's shattering was revealed, there was a (now confirmed) theory that among the fan base that she was a true founder of the Crystal Gems and this theory is finally proven to be true.   


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