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But Charlie, listen to me! This is the most important thing we've ever needed you for! If you go into the Cavern, we'll never bother you again. We promise, it'll be the last you ever see of us!
~ The unicorns luring Charlie into their trap.
Bye, Charlie!
~ The unicorns as they leave Charlie to die.

The Pink and Blue Unicorns are the central antagonists of Charlie the Unicorn. As their names imply, are blue and pink unicorns who convince Charlie to follow them on adventures that ultimately are for their own needs.


The unicorns seem to be happy most of the time, with wild imaginations. They don't understand, or probably don't care, that Charlie doesn't want to follow them on their adventures, and they don't care about him or his opinions whatsoever, as they never listen to him or take his feelings into consideration.

They seem to know very much about this world and its lore, and they always have a plan on where to go. However, the blue unicorn reveals they actually have targets, implying that they have tormented other individuals and will most likely continue to do so in the future. They also become homicidal when the millipede detonates and mundicidal when they blow up the moon, with an unknown number of casualties being disintegrated as the earth itself begins to fall out of balance.

After they assume Charlie is dead, they are about to discuss who to torment next, so they might have been angering Charlie for personal satisfaction all along.


Charlie The Unicorn 1

The two wake up Charlie and tell him that they're gonna go to Candy Mountain. Even though he refuses to follow them, they annoy him until he finally agrees. Throughout the video, the two constantly lead him into several nonsensical situations, including receiving directions from a "magical" Liopleurodon and crossing a "magical bridge of hope and wonder". By the end of the video, the trio reach Candy Mountain, where the two and the Candy Mountain marquee letters convince Charlie to enter the mountain cave; after entering the cave, the two unicorns knock Charlie unconscious and rob him of his kidney, much to his dismay.

Charlie The Unicorn 2

While Charlie watches TV, they pretend to be scuba divers. Suddenly, a portal in Charlie's back opens, and the pink and the blue unicorns are sucked into it. They shortly after emerge from the portal to tell Charlie they've got the Magical Amulet (without any explanation). They let him know they have to take the Amulet to the "Banana King". When he says no, tentacles start appearing from the portal, and Charlie has no choice but to cooperate. On the way there they make annoying noises, communicate with a sentient Z, and ride a giant shoe claiming it's a train. When they make it to the Temple of the Banana King, they go idle and listen to an odd creature singing about how Charlie needs to put a banana in his ear. After the song, the two attempt to return the Amulet to the Banana King, only to find out the Banana King is Charlie. This is sadly, nothing but an act, as they rob Charlie while he's blinded by happiness. When Charlie finds out about this, the blue unicorn emerges from the portal in his back only to repeat the annoying noise and climb back in.

Charlie The Unicorn 3

As Charlie is walking in the woods, they teleport right in front of him, startling him. They tell him they're from the future, and that the world has been consumed by evil. They eerily inform him that the end is neigh, and that he has to help them by finishing their snowman. They then wrap their tongues around Charlie and go back to the future, that looks exactly the same as present time.

They tell Charlie to not wake the Oomoo, and that they must sneakily get to the river. Supposedly, the Oomoo wakes up, and the duo flees, avoiding Yamyams, Nershaps and the Bluhbluhbluh. They hop aboard a duck boat along with Charlie, and start having a conversation consisting of nothing but "Ring, ring. Hello?" The boat starts sinking, but while Charlie panicks, the two unicorns simply continue their repetetive talk. They make it to an underwater kingdom, where the snowman is apparently hidden.

As Charlie suggests the two unicorns are purgatory, the blue unicorn nonchalantly calls him a constant downer. They stop at a door that the two unicorns claim has the ability to stare into your soul and control anything. But then they simply brush it off as a lie and continue. After this, they repeatedly warn Charlie about harmless fish and tell him it's for his own good. Charlie witnesses a musical number about how he has to be more likeable and then finds the snowman. He is knocked out by a sleeping gas, and he wakes up to find the snowman with his kidney and his horn as a nose, suggesting the two unicorns cut it off.

Charlie The Unicorn 4

As usual, Charlie is on a stroll. But he's interrupted by a space shuttle suddenly crashing into the forest, with the two panicking unicorns aboard. Charlie simply leaves them, and the shuttle blows up. The two unicorns catch up to Charlie and tell him they need to get to the moon to defeat the evil Millipede that uses its powers to destroy the Cavern of the Red Wind. They then somehow flip around the globe and fly into space.

As they're floating around, the blue unicorn suddenly yells that Charlie's got a bug on his face, and they taser him multiple times for no reason. As they set their hooves on the moon, the Millipede appears, singing a song about how perfect it is, and then spontaneously combusts like everything that sings to Charlie. The unicorns congratulate Charlie. and the Cavern opens. Charlie is discouraged, but the unicorns promise it'll be the last he ever sees of them if he enters. He agrees and walks into the Cavern.

But to his surprise, he finds no Red Wind in there, only a nuclear bomb, that slowly emerges from the ground and counts down from forty-five seconds. Charlie is confused, and the unicorns reveal their true motive. as they intend to blow up the moon as they've gotten quite bored of it and they leave Charlie there as it was always their intention to get rid of him after they took some of his belongings throughout the series. They say farewell, offend him and fly away. Charlie thinks this is a joke, but he soon realizes they're serious about this. Luckily, Charlie's saved by Starfish who gets himself flayed alive to get Charlie back to Earth.

The moon blows up, and the two unicorns cheer. Then the blue one coldly asks who's next, but they're both confronted by Charlie who's teleported back to Earth, much to their dismay. They awkwardly greet him and admit it's embarrassing, and the silence is broken by Starfish who crashes into the ground, screaming YOLO.

The Finale

An in-universe week after Pink and Blue try to kill Charlie the two confront Charlie again, inconsistently claiming that something whose name starts with a "wabbo" has been released and then wisk Charlie along with them on a rainbow. While riding the rainbow, a dolphin with an oversized head who sings a song accusing Charlie that his sadness is his fault and then explodes in a spray of gore.

The next part has Charlie washing the blood of his body. Pink and Blue interupt him and wisk him away on a rainbow again. Pink and Blue irritate Charlie during the trip by summoning several birds with lips and having them kiss Charlie until time freezes around Charlie who then gets visited by Starfish again, who merges Charlie with a magic mollusc.

In the next part of the finale, Pink, Blue and Charlie's first appearance has Blue try to gaslight Charlie into thinking that the original Charlie died in the snow in episode 3 and that the snowman was given his memories and has been moving through events thinking it was Charlie. Charlie gets shown a sequence of previous events with himself replaced with the Snowman up until he sees the snowman on the Choo Choo Shoe and points out that he was on it before he ever saw the Snowman. Blue then drops the illusion and utters a faux-apology to Charlie. Pink and Blue bring Charlie to The Temple of the Cat. The door opens and Charlie gets sung a song about Charlie's exploration of the temple by a cat sock puppet and a light altered cat. The sock puppet cat explodes and Charlie is ejected from the temple. Pink and Blue try to confuse Charlie again but Starfish freezes time around Charlie and then merges a magic mucus with him.

In Part 4, Pink, Blue and Charlie are riding on the rainbow again. Pink gets decapitated, excessive amount of goo comes out of its neck stump and then pink hamster heads grow out of the stump to replace the lost head. Blue tell Charlie to close his eyes and imagine a circle which Charlie does, he then tells Charlie to imagine the circle is in a meadow. Blue says that the circle is blue but when Charlie points out that he was never told what color to imagine the circle, Blue feigns horror. Charlie sees something appearing in the circle and as the image inside focuses, it turns out that the image is a rear shot of Blue. Charlie opens his eyes and Pink walks into the scene with his head intact.

After this, the next scene containing the trio shows that the other story following Nyx the Pangolin happened 10,000 years in the past and reveals major information about Pink and Blue's origins. At some point one of them was locked in the basement of a tower, which The Order of Tutelary Weasels took to guarding. After getting informed that what they are supposed to be protecting is not the tower but instead the prison in the basement, The Order of Tutelary Weasels opens the basement, releasing the demon locked inside, which is in the shape of a giant cube. The Demon goes on a rampage, including tormenting Nyx and telling him that they only reason they haven't killed him yet is they want to see his despair as things fall apart. Eventually, Nyx returns to the tower and decides to rotate a wheel on it, guessing that the tower is what locked the demon in its basement. Instead Nyx opens a portal which the cube demon says leads to its home dimension and another one comes out. The two cube demons force Nyx into the portal, predicting that this will kill him, which gets proven correct.

Ten thousand years later, Pink and Blue bring Charlie to the tower. Time gets frozen again and Starfish appears again to merge a magical foot with Charlie. Starfish brings Charlie to the room where Nyx turned the wheel and Nyx (now a ghost) appears in front of Charlie. Nyx turns Starfish back into a wheel (the one he turned to open the portal ten thousand years ago) and declares his intent to send Charlie through the same portal he opened ten thousand years ago, theorizing that someone imbued with magic might be able to survive but admitting that he isn't sure but that at least if he dies, his corpse won't be used for a musical number. When Charlie mentions that Pink and Blue brought him there to see the w-something, Nyx explains that Pink and Blue are not unicorns but demons puppeteering corpses. Nyx opens the portal and sends Charlie through it. While Charlie is getting sent through the portal, time unfreezes. When Pink and Blue see that Charlie has vanished, Blue asks Pink if they did it which Pink responds with a no. They see the portal open, Blue exclaims "What!" and Pink exclaims "Again?" (confirming that they are the cube demons). The two float into the air, not fully understanding what's about to happen but expecting Charlie to die upon touching the portal like how Nyx died. Charlie goes through the portal and it closes behind him. Pink remains silent while Blue just give a confused "huh", indicating that they had expected Charlie to be killed upon touching the portal.

The final part cuts to the past again where Pink and Blue are walking through a field singing to each other. Pink hears a weird noise and goes ahead to check out what the sound is. Pink swiftly returns to Blue, flying through the air to Blue's confusion. Pink summons the letter Y and tells Blue that they have to get out of here, to which Blue demands to know who is controlling Pink and backs away in fear. The Cube Demon that was controlling Y then possesses Blue. The two then voice their intent to find someone to torment. A short walk later and they meet Charlie for the first time, beginning his torment at their hands.

The scene cuts back to Charlie having entered the realm beyond the portal. He meets another Unicorn ghost, a sorcerer named Charlie. Ghost Charlie explains that Pink and Blue are his fault, they are Chaos Spirits that aren't very powerful on their own. He trapped a multitude of Chaos Spirits in blocks of iron but that made them far more powerful and the Chaos Spirits mutinied and killed him. Ghost Charlie asks Charlie if he is magic to which Charlie replies yes, after which Ghost Charlie voices his intent to shut the project down for good and gives Charlie a "Mindscape Realizer". Ghost Charlie tells Charlie to think positive thoughts but Charlie is unable to do so, instead thinking angry thoughts. Charlie's use of the Mindscape Realizer causes the tower to transform into a giant statue of his head which then fixes its angry gaze on Pink and Blue, much to their unease. A portal is released from the statue's eyes which causes Pink and Blue's bodies to vanish, leaving their iron boxes behind and the portal closes, trapping them inside. The video cuts to many of the places that Pink and Blue had dragged Charlie to, showing the locations as decayed rubble.

Charlie Teh Unicron

In this parody of Charlie the Unicorn, Pink and Blue are also important characters in it. However, while they are outwardly meaner in this parody, they are also far less evil, especially to Charlie who they have never harmed throughout the series and are bringing him on their adventures because they enjoy his company rather than enjoying tormenting him.


  • Creator Jason Steele has revealed very little about the two in the following Charlie the Unicorn videos for humorous value, most notably their genders and names. He claims to believe that his characters are "somewhat creepy" and "more interesting" when a small amount of information is revealed about them.