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The Pinkerton National Detective Agency (or simply the Pinkertons) is a detective agency and a major antagonistic faction in the 2018 videogame Red Read Redemption 2. It is led by Andrew Milton.


It is known that the Pinkertons were present during the Blackwater massacre, where the Van Der Linde gang tried to rob a ferry in that city, without success. The Pinkertons managed to assassinate three members of the gang: Jenny Kirk and the Callander brothers, Mac and Davey.

The Pinkertons are hired by magnate Leviticus Cornwall, who, enraged that Van der Linde gang stole one of their trains, orders the detective agency to catch Dutch Van Der Linde and his entire gang.

His first physical appearance would be in Chapter 2 of the game. Arthur Morgan, an important member of the gang, is fishing together with four-year-old Jack Marston. When everything seemed to be going normal, Andrew Milton and his right hand man, Edgar Ross, appear, confronting the outlaw. Milton offers Arthur a deal: If he reveals Dutch's location, he and his men will set him free. Arthur lies about it, saying that he doesn't know Dutch's location, to which Milton decides to tell Arthur that he was the one who killed Mac Callander, much to Arthur's anger. The two eventually leave, though Ross gets to tell Jack to enjoy fishing while he still can.

In Chapter 3 of the game, Milton and Ross would reappear, but this time confronting the entire gang. Milton proposes another deal again: If Dutch surrenders himself to them, he will spare the lives of the rest of the gang. Dutch pretends that he is going to go with them, only to then the gang pull out their weapons and signal them to stand down. Milton tells them that they are making a serious mistake and that the next time he returns, he will bring his men to kill them all, before leaving the place.

In Chapter 4, while the gang raided the Saint Denis bank, Dutch was confident that the Pinkertons did not show up. But due to Dutch killed the the richest man in town, Angelo Bronte, the Pinkertons braced themselves for this moment. Milton appears, holding Hosea Matthews, Dutch's right hand man, and orders them to leave the scene. Dutch tries to convince Milton to let Hosea go, but is useless and Milton kills him with a gunshot to the chest. This sparks a shootout between the Pinkertons and the gang, where the gang can barely escape, with Lenny Summers also dying in the process.

After returning from Guarma in Chapter 5, the Pinkertons somehow find the gang's hideout, and Milton orders his men to shoot the cabin where the gang was located. The gang kills all the Pinkertons, but Milton manages to escape.

In chapter 6, Dutch, increasingly mad because his plans begin to fail, decides to assassinate Leviticus Cornwall, because Leviticus was the one who financed the Pinkertons to catch the gang and that, with the dead, the Pinkertons would no longer have to chase them. But he was wrong. After robbing a train with a lot of money, Tilly Jackson appears and tells the gang that the Pinkertons have kidnapped Abigail Marston. Micah Bell convinces Dutch to abandon Abigail, as they have enough money to escape the country, much to Arthur's chagrin. Arthur and Sadie Adler decide to go to Van Horn to rescue Abigail, initiating a shootout against the agents. However, later on, Sadie would be tied up and Arthur would be held by Milton at gunpoint, weakened by his tuberculosis. At this, Milton decides the truth to Arthur: Micah had been revealing information to the Pinkertons since the gang had returned from Guarma (and possibly long before that). At this, Arthur lunges at Milton, who is about to kill him, but Abigail, who somehow broke free, shoots Milton in the head, killing him instantly. Later, Arthur, Abigail and Sadie escape the city assassinating several Pinkerton agents who were pursuing them.

Arthur would return to the gang's camp to confront Micah about his betrayal, but suddenly, the Pinkertons, now led by Ross, appear and, on Ross's orders, attempt to kill the entire gang on the spot. The gang managed to escape, but later it would disband and Arthur would die from his tuberculosis.


The Pinkertons would disband later. Edgar Ross, the right hand of the late Milton, would found the Bureau of Investigation (BOI) to end crime in the country.

Later, Ross and Archer Fordam would discover the whereabouts of John Marston, an important member of the gang, who had recently murdered Micah Bell. Ross would kidnap John's Family, extorting him into capturing his former gang mates, Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella, and Dutch, thus beginning the events of the first game. John would capture them all, but Ross decides to later assassinate Marston himself to make sure he takes out all of Dutch's gang members.


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