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'Cause I love to see you Beam, Beam, Beam!
~ Pinkie Pie vaporizing Applejack.

Pinkie Pie from the gory pony video Smile HD is the central and titled main villain that, for no explained reason, attacked and killed all of the other Mane Six in something out of a violent Dragon Ball Z-like cartoon and while a re-mix of the Smile song was playing.

In the video

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The video starts with Pinkie running through a field towards her friends, Twilight, Rarity and Applejack, who are relaxing on a checkered blanket. Twilight spots her and does a friendly wave. After getting close enough, Pinkie jumps up and kicks Twilight's head clean off. Rarity and Applejack watch in absolute horror. Pinkie then leaps in the air and smashes Rarity's head, exposing her brain.

Pinkie then kicks Applejack into a tree and brutally beats her to the point she is bruised and bloody, Applejack doing nothing but crying in fear in pain. Rainbow Dash spots Pinkie and flies high into the air to build up speed. She pulls off a Sonic Rainboom and kicks Pinkie in the head at Mach 10 speed. As Pinkie seemingly lies dead, her Kill-O-Meter rises to "You're Fucked" level and she gets up, vaporizing Applejack in a beam of energy. Pinkie then uppercuts Rainbow in the air and hits her down to the ground, she then races down to Rainbow and lands on her stomach, causing Rainbow's guts and organs to pour from her mouth in an ironic "rainbow-like" fashion, killing her. Fluttershy then arrives and gasps in horror. Pinkie then shoots a blast at Fluttershy, seemingly killing her. At that moment, Pinkie's smile turns into a distorted tearful frown. It's unknown whether the tears were caused by remorse or the fact that she has no one left to kill.

However, Fluttershy pops out of the explosion and gives Pinkie a vicious, brutal beatdown. Just as it seems she is going to win, Pinkie grabs the video's subtitles (the lyrics of the song) and whacks Fluttershy to the ground. Pinkie then makes a gigantic energy ball in her hooves, similar to a Spirit Bomb (dubbed "Smile Bomb" by fans) and hurls it at Fluttershy. Fluttershy screams in agony as her flesh melts, exposing her tissues and veins. Pinkie smiles one more time as the entire planet explodes, presumably taking Pinkie along with it.


Smile HD is arguably even more violent and unexplainable then even Cupcakes, because Smile HD Pinkie had no known reason to kill off her friends (other than an excuse in the destruction box in the video) and literally did it out of nowhere. On the other hand, it can also be the least violent and disturbing due to how extremely over the top and ridiculous it is, lacking the sheer serial killer sickness of the others.

List of characters killed by Pinkie

Twilight Sparkle: She has her head kicked four times, decapitating her.

Rarity: She has her head smashed in with one hoof smash to her head.

AppleJack: She is beaten against a tree and punched repeatedly. She is killed by a misfired Energy Attack from Pinkie.

Rainbow Dash: She is knocked into the sky, knocked to the ground, and is later landed on, making her guts spill out of her mouth and killing her.

Fluttershy: She is knocked to the ground with the videos subtitles and painfully evaporated by Pinkie's massive Energy Ball.

Inhabitants of Earth and Equestria: Are all presumably killed by Pinkie's massive Energy Attack. The explosion presumably taking Pinkie along with them





  • Pinkie's motive for killing her friends, according to the video's summary, is that she was sick of being treated as a comedic spectacle (this is a recurring theme going back to Party of One and Pinkamena).
  • This version of Pinkie Pie has been dubbed (somewhat affectionately) as Pinkie Buu by some on YouTube, as the video is a parody of Dragon Ball Z - which had a famous pink monster known as Buu. The events in the video seem to resemble the Buu saga itself. Pinkie's killing of the main cast being reminiscent of Kid Buu murdering the Kais. And the 'Smile Bomb" bears a resemblance to Kid Buu's Planet Burst attack. And both attacks succeeded in destroying the Earth
  • The settings on Pinkie's "Kill -O- Meter" are: Safe. Not safe. Run. Super Saiyan. You're Fucked.
  • When Fluttershy begins beating Pinkie in a fast freeze fame, it appears they are hugging at one point. 
  • As a bit of "foreshadowing" the planet can be exploding in reverse behind the warning in the beginning of the video.
  • The video never explains why Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were laughing at Pinkie in the first place, nor does it include any insight on the circumstances that led to Pinkie seeking revenge.
  • During the frame when Rainbow Dash kicks Pinkie in the face, in the right bottom corner, a gravestone saying "Here lies Rarity. She just died" can be seen
  • The way Pinkie Pie hits Fluttershy with the video's subtitles might reference Deadpool's super from Marvel Versus Capcom 3, where he beats the opponent with his own status bars.
  • It is worth noting that the artist of this video is the same one who created the infamous video "Cupcakes", based on the fanfic of the same name.
  • Youtubers Pinkie Rose, Vannamelon, and Cutie Mark Crusaders did reactions as Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo on the video. The reactions each got 1 to 3 million views. All ponies were shocked, scared, and upset about what Pinkie did to her friends even the real Pinkie Pie felt bad about herself.
  • A Youtuber named Brandon Turner reposted Smile HD with sound effects from Dragon Ball Z after imaginging if there were sounds playing instead of just the music. So he added the DBZ effects in the video himself which gives the video more detailing in how hard Pinkie Pie punched and kicked.
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