Pinkster Pig is a villain from Loonatics Unleashed.

Pinkster Pig is a villainous descendant of Porky Pig. Pinkster grew up in the same orphanage as Danger Duck. When it comes to adoption, Pinkster suggested the coin toss to determine who would be adopted and Danger Duck won with Pinkster saying that he didn't give up on his dreams like working as a scientist and police officer. He first appeared trying to stop criminals Stoney and Bugsy, but ended up crashing into the Loonatics. Reunited with his old friend Duck, Officer Pinkster was allowed to join them in trying to stop Stoney and Bugsy. But, seemingly due to clumsiness, Pinkster kept letting the villains get away. It wasn't revealed until later that Pinkster was really Stoney and Bugsy's boss, alias Pink the Pug, and was ruining the Loonatics' attempts on purpose. Pinkster also mentioned that he was destined for this life, manipulated Danger Duck into using the two-faced coin, and was later adopted by Stoney and Bugsy. Ace proves to have already figured Pinkster out by researching the jobs Pinkster claimed to have had. When the Curium 247—to which Ace was exposed by Pinkster—turned out to be fake, Pinkster ended up defeated, though Danger Duck still hoped that Pinkster could be reformed. In the tradition of his ancestor, Pinkster ended the episode in his own way by talking to the viewers, saying "This ain't over, folks!"


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