Pinky is a hidden antagonist of Don Bluth's 1991 film, Rock-A-Doodle. He is the Grand Duke of Owls' main henchman.

He was the manager of Chanticleer in the city until he was revealed to be the Duke of Owls' henchman.

Pinky also has henchmen called Max and Murray. Max is a frog and Murray is a monkey.

He was voiced by the late Sorrell Booke.


Pinky is a fox who likes playing golf. He used to be good, relaxed, calm, positive, nice, and calm, but he was later revealed to be evil, as he secretly works for the Grand Duke of Owls. His job is making sure that Chanticleer never feels like returning home by convincing him that his friends actually dislike him.

He is also shown to be abusive to his henchman Murray.


  • Pinky was Sorrell Booke's last character to voice before he died in February 11, 1994 at the age of 64.


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