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Pipebrain is a minor villain from the televison series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

A trophy/pipe monster created by Lord Zedd from the Golden Pipe karate trophy. His main mission was to eliminate the Red Ranger while the other Rangers were to be drained of their powers with magical candles, just as Tommy had lost his powers the first time because of Rita's Green Candle. Jason had to overcome his guilt in order to take down Pipebrain. Jason battles Pipebrain alone and then summons the Red Dragon Thunderzord to take him down. Pipebrain's body has tentacles and eyes at each end, which he uses to blast, similar to eye lasers. Once Red Dragon Thunderzord goes into battle mode, it does a series of multiple roundhouse kicks, balancing on his staff. He then repeatedly spins the staff, emitting a spin-cycle of red blasts which destroys Pipebrain. Jason would stop the magic candles from burning out and save his friends and preserve their powers.

The Tube Monster used in "A Reel Fish Story" was a blue and white repaint of Pipebrain.

Pipebrain was the first monster from 'Dairanger' to be used in the series.