The Piper is an ectoplasmic being who appeared in the Extreme Ghostbusters episode The Pied Piper of Manhattan.

The Pied Piper of Manhattan

The Piper first appeared in New York City after the Ghostbusters had failed to stop a recent ghost outbreak. He went to Mayor McShane's office and offered to remove the ghosts from the city by using a special flute. After he had successfully rid the town of the ghosts, he made a request to the Mayor to make a statue of himself in his honor. When the Mayor refused,  the Piper used his flute to lure the children to a city dump near a bay, fully intent on sending them to a watery grave. He was only stopped when Roland realized that his violin skills could distract him. His flute was then destroyed and he was captured.


His powers are eerily similar to Ghash's. He also shares a mouth-like stomach cavity. The ghosts that are released from this cavity actually aren't real ghosts, but rather emanations of his psychokinetic nature. Because of this fact, the emanations are invulnerable to the Proton Streams. The Piper can get weak enough to be captured once this happens, however.

His flute is also rather unique. Not only can it attract ghosts, but it can also manipulate the weather, garbage, and, of course, children. This frequency was undone when Roland Jackson played his violin in front of Slimer. This frequency also weakened the Piper himself.




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