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The Piranhas are the main antagonists of the online video game Feed Us.


They are examples of a single playable antagonist with role of the titular predator and the aim of the game is to progress across levels via ambushing humans, destroying their boats and consuming their blood so as to evolve the main piranha into an ever-larger and more intimidating monster while also creating a swarm of Piranhas via "seeds".

The game is based on the fictional belief that Piranhas can shred victims in a matter of seconds and frequently attack humans, in reality Piranhas do not tend to attack humans as a habit (though they may do so in feeding frenzies).

The Piranhas in the game are also demonized, being able to sink boats or leap out of the water to pull victims into their watery grave - again, real piranhas have not been recorded as remotely strong enough to shatter a boat's hull nor are they known to leap out of rivers to drag humans into the water (in fact a single piranha is unlikely to have the strength to achieve such a tactic, even if it had the intellect to do so).

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