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The Pirates are the main antagonistic group of the 2012 animated film Ice Age: Continental Drift. They first appear after the sub-Zero Heroes are separated from their home.

Gutt was voiced by Peter Dinklage, Silas was voiced by Alain Chabat, Shira was voiced by Jennifer Lopez, Squint was voiced by Aziz Ansari, Flynn was voiced by Nick Frost, Gupta was voiced by Kunal Nayyar, and Raz was voiced by Rebel Wilson. Whereas Dobson's vocal sound effects were provided by Greg J. Peterson.


Their leader is Captain Gutt, the main antagonist of the film, and they are known to plunder incoming ice caps for new parts for their ship and raiding all food supplies from other animals, ruling the seas without no one stopping them until encountering their archenemies, the Sub-Zero Heroes (Manny, Diego and Sid).


List of Members

  • Captain Gutt (leader)
  • Silas
  • Shira (second-in-command;formerly)
  • Squint
  • Flynn
  • Gupta
  • Raz
  • Dobson
  • Narwhals (who work for Gutt and are presumably his "pets")



  • It is hinted that Captain Gutt first came to this idea after his kind was going extinct and he also need allies for survival.
  • They all were going extinct and doomed to die in this changing world, except Flynn the Elephant Seal and Silas the Blue-Footed Booby. Each found across the world by Captain Gutt and serve him as his friends.
  • Shira, Silas, Gupta and Flynn are the meat eaters of the pirates.
  • Shira is the second character to betray a group and leader, Diego is the first with the Soto and the Sabertooth Tiger pack.
  • Shira and Squint may be the only ones in the group who are still alive. Flynn is also most likely still alive (since he is a sea creature). Silas could have also survived, since the birds of his species are able to come out of the water after they drop into it to catch fishes, so he could have surfaced and flown away after Precious blasted him in the sea.


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